Transient Ventures Series 1

  • Short
  • 4 Episodes


Be Somebody

Director: Edelawit Hussien | Ethiopia | 2020 | International Premiere

In this coming-of-age drama, three young men are marked by uncertainty. How will they make a living? What kind of life can they see for themselves? What kind of life is even possible? And how can they maintain the effortless joys of youth that are rapidly slipping through their fingers?

Cast: Eyuel Berhanu, Ruel Desta, Matios Asdenaki Writer: Edelawit Hussien | Producer: Adelia Shiffraw | Director of Photography: Joachim Philippe | Editor: Camilla Hayman | Music: Alexander Luke Bahta

East Water

Director: Diana Medrano | Chile | 2021 | International Premiere

Five years after the death of his wife, Pablo returns to his family’s hotel in Puelo, trying to heal that painful wound. He reconnects with people from his childhood and meets Ana, the new hotel manager, who attempts to reconcile Pablo with nature, the force which took his wife’s life.

Cast: Sebastián Arrigorriaga, Nathalia Aragonese, Ernesto Meléndez, Roxana Naranjo, Gabriela Arancibia Writer: Diana Medrano | Producer: Francisca Ponce | Director of Photography: Rodrigo Vergara | Editor: Diana Medrano | Music: Andrés Valdebenito

Sisters’ Busy Hands

Director: Jovi Lee Yi-Shan | Taiwan | 2020 | European Premiere

Women’s hands are made for many things, not just wiping away tears. In this engaging short film, we visit Meng Meng Betel Nut Stand, run by three Taiwanese women, which offers comfort to the residents of a small seaside town. Sisters’ Busy Hands is a story saluting women.

Cast: Yang Li-yin, Pan Li-li, Li Yi-ting, Huang Ling-chen, Yu An-shun Writer: Jovi Lee Yi-Shan | Producer: Lin Yu-yeh, Tung Shu-yuan | Director of Photography: Chang Chih-teng | Editor: Jovi Lee Yi-Shan | Music: Tudi-Voice

The Mirage

Director: Santosh Dahal | Nepal | 2021 | World Premiere

During the period of civil war, in the countryside of Nepal, a curious boy follows his mother to his uncle’s house. In this poetic journey through the mists of a majestic mountain backdrop, he witnesses various groups of people trying to pursue liberation in their own ways.

Cast: Prasanga Dahal, Sita Thapa, Lokendra Lekhak, Kristina Thapa, Prabesh Kunwar Writer: Santosh Dahal | Producer: Prem Prasad Adhikary, Nawa Nidhi Dahal, Deepa Guragain | Director of Photography: Ankit Poudel | Editor: Animesh Sapkota, Aashish Dahal | Music: Dhan Bahadur Gurung