Student Showcase Series 1

  • 26 Episodes



Director: Vikram Bhatti | United Kingdom | 2021 | 7 minutes

An Evangelical Pastor who proclaims himself as a man of god wakes up in an abandoned derelict place all alone, confused and terrified but puts all his present feelings behind and thinks about the happenings of the previous night. Whilst being deeply concerned, a suave looking man tells the pastor to follow him. The Man takes him into another derelict room and skilfully grills the pastor about the unlawful deliverance to a young girl. This specific man is well-spoken and articulate, becomes incredibly self-absorbed, narcissistic and shifts the subject to certain things which throws the pastor completely off guard and once the can of worms opens, the pastor that we once thought of being the symbol of righteousness, becomes vulnerable, feels totally disgusted knowing his own revelations. The man unexpectedly becomes menacing, and reveals himself as the most monstrous being not only in today times but in biblical times.

Take the Back Seat

Director: Oliver McNeil | United Kingdom | 2021 | 6 minutes

You Were Flying

Director: Jarvis Laurence | United Kingdom | 2021 | 9 minutes

A sunken life of a wingless bird told in a phantasmagoric world. He lives his day trapped in the mundanity of human life reminiscing his golden age as a bird.

No Letters

Director: Isabella Johnston | United Kingdom | 2021 | 9 minutes


Director: Acacia Khonji | United Kingdom | 2021 | 8 minutes

Homeless Mari is a runaway with a secret. As she searches for a new home, her naivety leads her to confide in others, with unintended consequences. Will she ever be free?


Director: Acacia Khonji | United Kingdom | 2021 | 9 minutes

Letitia is a singer/songwriter diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She has stopped her bipolar medication, intending to manage her mental health using alternative methods. She talks about her struggles and her spirituality as she follows her new life.

Where God Kept His Promises

Director: Luca Petrone | United Kingdom | 2021| 6 minutes

Wash Day

Director: Kellie Hurst | United Kingdom | 2021| 12 minutes

Carol 44 a quiet and unassuming mum struggling with growing alienation from her teenage son. One night Carol is awoken by the sound of an attack she rushes to the window to witness a gang in the midst of a vicious attack. The next day Carol tries to work out what happened but it isn’t long before the aftermath of what’s happened is on her doorstep. A young boy has been murdered. Carol is desperate to keep what she knows secret, but is drawn to the scene outside her home which eventually includes a devastated mother grieving her slain son. However, while putting away laundry in her son’s room Carol finds items that may belong to the murdered boy. Torn between her instinct to protect her son and a crushing guilt, Carol must decide whether loyalty outweighs integrity in deciding on the right thing to do.

The Ties of Blood

Director: Rendy Fontan | United Kingdom | 2021 | 13 minutes


Director: Priscila Carvalho Vailones | United Kingdom | 14 minutes


Director: Ana Muether | United Kingdom | 17 minutes

Stuck in their routine of a middle-class lifestyle, the couple in their mid-30s have nothing left for each other but taunts and teasing. Adam’s quirks and his meticulous ways put Helen in a provocative mood from breakfast onward. Bored of the charade of her life and determined to make Adam burst, Helen invites the beggar Nick in for dinner.


Director: Alice Lucy | United Kingdom | 14 minutes

Hangers in July

Director: Christian Schifano | United Kingdom | 13 minutes


Director: Sophie Knighton | United Kingdom | 28 minutes

Dramedy television show Foiled follows impressionable single mum, Jess, as she unintentionally evolves into a maverick cannabis dealer. With the best of intentions for her 10 year old son, how on earth does she fall into the underworld of Brighton’s ganja scene? She seizes the opportunity to deal weed to those who need it but don’t know where to find it. Like a modern day Robin Hood, without the green tights. And her Maid Marion? Ginger I.T. enthusiast, Simon


Director: Hayley-May Muirhead United Kingdom | 14 minutes

In a modern world of ambiguous dating and casual sex, 25-year-old florist Flo makes it her mission to find true love before Christmas. After losing her dream job and attractive boyfriend, the date looms to acquire her ‘one and only’. Flo finds the strength from rock bottom, with a little help from her friends, to take back what was once hers and ultimately discover her true love just in time.

London Burning

Director: Francesca Waldo-Forrester | United Kingdom | 12 minutes

I'm Going Home

Director: Aineias Babulis | United Kingdom | 23 minutes

Arthur and Margaret wake up in their house in the countryside. Arthur is a writer; he tells her about his dreams and memories from the past. Margaret gets dressed and realised that her belt is too loose, she is losing weight, she makes new holes in her belt secretly. Arthur finds a letter from the hospital, it turns out that Margaret has cancer, she doesn’t have much time left. She wants to see their son James, and tell him about her illness, but he is always busy working in London. Arthur decides tobring him home. They meet in the park and Arthur takes James on an educational journey. They visit different places and talk about James’ life. James isn’t happy, all his life is concentrated around his work, he doesn’t have time for anything else. While visiting the last location of the journey, Arthur tells James a story about his mother, and starts to talk about his mistakes from the past. Arthur gives a letter to James and makes his way back home while James is left alone with his thoughts. The next day James visits his mother, Margaret.

Hair of the Dog

Director: Catherine Badcock | United Kingdom | 16 minutes

Septum Sinners

Director: Amelia Giovanelli | United Kingdom | 10 minutes


Director: Martin Tunnicliffe-Squirrell | United Kingdom | 15 minutes

A supernatural tale about a young boy Tom’s experience of grief after the death of his Mum. He barely knows his Dad, who was separated from Mum, and has started a new family with a young woman, Sally. Neither of them have much in common. Dad’s into rugby, Tom loves ice-skating, his Mum’s passion too. With the help of Mum’s Ghost, Dad’s haunted into making an effort to reconnect with his son, and instead of taking Tom to the Penzance Pirates rugby match, {the film’s set in Penzance, Cornwall}, he surprises Tom and takes him ice-skating instead. Tom and Dad have fun on the ice, and Tom starts to enjoy life again and deal with his grief over the loss of his Mum.


Director: Sierra Callaghan | United Kingdom | 6 minutes

Wednesday’s life takes a turn when she’s tasked with scattering her father’s ashes at the family cottage, discovering he’s faked his death to trick her into speaking with him again. This LGBTQ short is a dark comedy full of quirky characters that examines love, catharsis & growing up after abuse.


Director: Cristiane Gomes | United Kingdom | 12 minutes

A small-town young woman who moves to the city in an attempt to get away from the tragic loss of her parents. With no family or friends around her, the city breaks her spirit and leaves her feeling overwhelmed, outcast and lonely, leading her to a very dangerous outcome.

Not Alone

Director: Jay Finocchiaro & Mycle Scheue | United Kingdom | 9 minutes

Through music and song, a poetic journey from one place to another for a person knowing they are not alone.

The Text Kit

Director: Barbara Vonau | United Kingdom | 8 minutes

After anxious teenager Tiger botches a self-testing kit for STDs, she ends up at the clinic. The only person left is grumpy and very middle-aged Dr Mackenzie, who is late for his ward round. While her friends wind her up more and more via text messages about what infection she might have picked up and apprehensively awaiting the bedside HIV test result, they connect over the difficulties the digital world poses for both of them.

Being Someone Else

Director: Øyvind Aamli | United Kingdom | 9 minutes

In this intimate portrait we follow thirteen-year-old Imogen’s process preparing for the biggest event of her year - the ComicCon cosplay convention. After choosing the anime character she wants to be, she meticulously starts to craft her costume. We observe how this journey triggers dramatic events and slowly reveals her lingering wound of being kicked out of school. As the pieces of her character come together through sewing her costume, experimenting with make-up, contact lenses and wigs, Imogen explains how becoming a fictional character helps her to cope with isolation, not seeing her friends and being an autistic outsider.

The Bleach

Director: Corine Attieh | United Kingdom | 10 minutes