Resonant Chronicles Series 1

  • short
  • 6 Episodes



Director: Louis Bhose | United Kingdom | 2020

A little bit funny and a little bit scary, Calving is a short film about an English vet working in Ireland who’s called to an odd calving in a rural village. To his surprise, on arrival he’s treated less like the local vet and more like… a suspect.

Cast: Steven Mackintosh, Liz Fitzgibbon, Philip O’Sullivan, Gerry O’Brien Writer: Louis Bhose | Producer: Hayley Williams | Director of Photography: Murren Tullett | Editor: Jack Williams | Music: Tom Jenkins


Director: Haukur Björgvinsson | Iceland | 2021

Young couple Anna and Gunnar are deeply in love but they live in a society where people are assigned a new spouse by lottery every seven years. As their final day together approaches, they grapple with the nightmare of being torn apart and facing life with another partner.

Cast: Bríet Ísis Elfar, Jóhann Kristófer Stefánsson, Ísar Máni Birkisson, Ólafur Egilsson, Guðrún Gísladóttir Writer: Haukur Björgvinsson | Producer: Tinna Proppé, Haukur Björgvinsson | Director of Photography: Ásgrímur Guðbjartsson | Editor: Úlfur Teitur Traustason | Music: Herdís Stefánsdóttir


Director: Clemente Lohr | United Kingdom | 2020 | World Premiere

Best UK Short Nominee Haunted and lost, a young Victorian runaway searches the mudlands for a mysterious light. Is this liminal world trying to tell her that true salvation comes from within? Or is this landscape a figment of her imagination? Ignoring the call, she heads further into the darkness.

Cast: Emily Dyble, Helen Grady Writer: Tom Arensen | Producer: Toby Elwes | Director of Photography: Toby Elwes | Editor: Toby Elwes | Music: Maddie Ashman


Director: Joël Duinkerke | The Netherlands | 2020 | International Premiere

As Adriana lies on her deathbed, a young girl appears before her. Together they wander through the Dutch landscape of Zeeland while Adriana tries to make peace with her past. Although her life has been largely dominated by men, Sober shows a brighter future for the next generations of women.

Cast: Julia van de Graaff, Liv van Kollenburg Writer: Julia van de Graaff, Joël Duinkerke, Paul Pourveur | Producer: Julia van de Graaff, Zeelandia | Director of Photography: Rieks Soepenberg | Editor: Max Vonk | Music: Erik de Reus

The Killing of a Child

Director: Kim Kokosky Deforchaux | The Netherlands | 2019 | UK Premiere

In the gloomy Dutch countryside of the 1950s, a lonely eight-year-old boy drags himself to school and back every day. He lets out his frustration on the same wooden pole every time he passes it, until one day he runs into another boy doing the exact same thing.

Cast: Lucas van der Pot, Viggo Lingen Writer: Kim Kokosky Deforchaux | Producer: Kim Kokosky Deforchaux, Titus Kokosky Deforchaux | Director of Photography: Christiaan van Leeuwen | Editor: Tobias Cornelissen | Music: Olmo van Straalen

Three Meetings of The Extraordinary Committee

Director: Michael Woodward, Max Barron | United Kingdom / Bulgaria | 2020 | UK Premiere

Best UK Short Nominee The citizens of Dobre, a small farming village, vote to acquire a Unicow – a revolutionary new cow that promises the same output as 10,000 normal cows. When issues arise around delivery, the Extraordinary Committee must decide whether to pursue the democratic will of the people, or face reality.

Cast: Martin Hristov, Stefan Kashev, Valentin Goshev, Vasil Draganov, Ivan Nesterov, Dimitar Selensky Writer: Michael Woodward, Max Barron | Producer: Daniel Wheldon | Director of Photography: Krum Rodriguez | Editor: Michael Woodward, Max Barron | Music: Audio Network