Reckless Sensations Series 1

  • Short
  • 4 Episodes


Binge Loving

Director: Thomas Deknop | Belgium | 2021 | UK Premiere

A Brussels detective is ordered by a client to follow her husband because she suspects he has a mistress in the capital. When she forces herself into the investigation, the detective is taken out of his comfort zone. Binge Loving is a neo-noir about fragile souls seeking (self) love.

Cast: David Mutamba, Sofie Decleir, Priscilla Adade, Jobst Schnibbe Writer: Bea Catteeuw, Nina Nijs Thomas Deknop, Davey Snoek | Producer: | Director of Photography: Jonathan Wannyn | Editor: Jérôme Bartholomeüs

Girl Meets Boy

Director: Ferdinand Arthuber | Germany | 2020 | UK Premiere

After forsaking men due to an abusive partner, a girl meets a boy who changes her perception on what “dating” can be, especially when it’s built on one major rule: don’t ask questions. An intimate, raw look at two individuals who seek redemption in each other.

Cast: Franziska Weisz, Carlo Ljubek Writer: Ferdinand Arthuber | Producer: Max Traub, Leon Hellmann | Director of Photography: Lorenz Weißfuß | Editor: Ana de Mier y Ortuño | Music: Boris Bojadzhiev

It's So Charming

Director: Svend Colding | Denmark | 2021 | Best Short of the Festival Nominee

Silvia is at her parents-in-law’s wedding anniversary and it’s the first time that she’s meeting her boyfriend Christian’s side of the family. Silvia quickly realises that Christian has a dysfunctional relationship with his father Thorsten. Reconciling these two men will be easier said than done.

Cast: Fanny Bernth, Henrik Birch, Niklas Herskind, Tine Gothelff, Caroline Vedel Writer: Pernille Hyllegaard | Producer: Miki Schack | Director of Photography: Lukas Daugbjerg | Editor: Jacob Løgstrup Fangel | Music: Ida Skjerk, Nina Liv Bendstrup

The Dissonant Echo of Desire

Director: Miao Yu | France | 2020 | UK Premiere

Apolline always refuses Arthur’s advances. During a wedding party, in the hope of explaining her indifference to his incessant requests, she tells him about all of her previous sexual encounters. The Dissonant Echo of Desire reveals a lonely portrait of modern society’s desires and lack thereof.

Cast: Margot Ladroue, Ulysse Mengue, François Raison Writer: Miao Yu | Producer: Louise Silverio | Director of Photography: Margot Besson | Editor: Cécile Lapergue | Music: Arthur Boval