Original Pursuits Series 1

  • Shorts
  • 9 Episodes


A View From Above

Director: Dylan Werkman | The Netherlands | 2020 | UK Premiere

A View From Above follows the intimate journey of an astronaut going up into space, guided by metaphors from life on earth. This evocative film reveals the emotional complexity of the astronaut’s journey and raises questions about our shared home and our broader collective consciousness.

Producer: Marrit Greidanus, Pieter Kapteijns | Director of Photography: Jaap mar Diemel | Editor: Pepijn Ahsmann | Music: Renan Zelada

Her My Voice

Director: Aneel Ahmad | Pakistan / United Kingdom | 2021| World Premiere

A short documentary-drama based in the little-known world of a dancing woman. Set in the vibrant city of Lahore, Her My Voice tells the emotional story of Komal, a deaf mute transsexual, as she reconnects with her father after he suddenly falls ill, suffering a stroke.

Cast: Komal, Ghulam, Hussein, Anwar

Writer: Aneel Ahmad | Producer: Aneel Ahmad | Director of Photography: Aneel Ahmad | Editor: Aneel Ahmad | Music: John Ball

It's Rocket Science

Director: Rachel Knoll | United States of America | 2020 UK Premiere

It’s Rocket Science is a portrait of engineer Ky Michealson, examining how his struggle with dyslexia and dropping out of school pushed him to forge his own unique future, building rockets! The self-proclaimed “Rocketman” from Minneapolis, Minnesota was the first civilian to put a rocket into space independently.

Cast: Ky Michaelson

Writer: Rachel Knoll | Producer: Rachel Knoll | Director of Photography: Johnny Stuckmayer | Editor: Rachel Knoll | Music: Fletcher Aleckson


Director: Jérémi Stadler | France | 2021 | UK Premiere

Maderando is a short film about the life of a free man seeking to know who he is in a society that he doesn’t understand. Torn between the difficulty of fitting in with society and living off his passion for sculpture, Momo made a choice: to pursue his dream.

Cast: Alberto Adsuar Pascual

Writer: Jérémi Stadler | Producer: Jérémi Stadler | Director of Photography: Jérémi Stadler | Editor: Jérémi Stadler | Music: aYia, Easy


Director: Fabián Cardenas | United States of America / Cuba | 2020 |

A rhythmic journey following a never-before-seen gathering of award-winning artists from every corner of the world, combining their talents to produce an album that pays tribute to Mambo’s golden era while reinventing its eclectic elements, inviting all generations cross-culturally to move to the same vibrational tune.

Cast: Lucrecia, Mayito Rivera, Omer Pardillo Cid, Julio Bague, Israel Cachao Lopez

Writer: Ivelin Giro, Adeline Ferro | Producer: Ivelin Giró, Adeline Ferro | Director of Photography: Rodrigo Torres | Editor: Fabian Cardenas | Music: Mambo Babalu

Menopause Stories

Director: Bronwen Parker-Rhodes | United Kingdom | 2020 |

In this brutally honest and uplifting film, six women openly share their intimate, complicated and illuminating experiences with menopause. Seated in their own homes and surrounded by the paraphernalia of their lives, this film speaks directly to women of all ages about the reality of “the change”.

Cast: Tree Carr, Yvonne O’Watson, Karen Arthur, Sue Bowerman, Erica Russell

Writer: Bronwen Parker-Rhodes | Producer: Bronwen Parker-Rhodes | Director of Photography: Bronwen Parker-Rhodes | Editor: Bronwen Parker-Rhodes

One Of A Kind

Director: Mathias Kögel, Michael Haunschmidt | Germany | 2021 | World Premiere

After fifty years, a racing car is brought back to its former tracks in Portland, Oregon. This film is an exploration of the legendary Chet McFallo and the car crucial for his success: Shelby Cobra CSX 2075. Connecting the past with the present, it becomes more than just an object.

Cast: Lucille McFallo, Nick McFallo, Jim Kirby, Bobby Mead, Stephen Monaco

Writer: Mathias Kögel, Michael Haunschmidt | Producer: Thomas Schlereth, Andreas Hegerlik | Director of Photography: Mathias Kögel, Michael Haunschmidt | Editor: Mathias Kögel, Michael Haunschmidt | Music: Luke Atencio, Dick Penner, Cubby, A. Taylor

Space Lady

Director: Sophia Feuer | United States of America | 2021| European Premiere

Isolated on the eerie plains of rural Colorado, Susan (aka “The Space Lady”) is beginning to receive notoriety for her early contributions to electronic pop music after decades of obscurity and homelessness. Caught between the past and present, Susan struggles to reclaim her music from the pain that encompasses it.

Cast: Susan Dietrich

Producer: Sophia Feuer | Director of Photography: Tyler Macri | Editor: Sophia Feuer | Music: The Space Lady, Zach Chapple

The Purest Form

Director: Sam Potter, Nainoa Langer | United States of America | 2021

“When I think about the relationship that I’ve formed with riding waves and the natural world, it’s hardly surprising that surfing’s origins are indigenous.” Sam Potter’s innate love for the ocean led him to Bronson Lovell, creator of the “Alaias”, and the origins of these ancient boards.

Cast: Bronson Lovell, Sam Potter

Writer: Sam Potter | Producer: Gabor Harrach, Sam Potter, Nainoa Langer | Director of Photography: Nainoa Langer, Connor Trimble | Editor: Nainoa Langer | Music: Micah Kamohoali’i, Makana