Off Competition (International) Series 1

  • 16 Episodes


Ada (Stage 32 Competition Winner)

Director: Steven Kammerer | Canada | 2019

Dying of cancer and facing down early Victorian sexism, brilliant mathematician Ada Byron Lovelace makes one last desperate gamble to raise the funds needed to complete her life’s goal, to build the world’s first computer. Set in London in 1851, Ada is based on a true story.

Cast: Julie Bruns, Hanneke Talbot, Matthew Kevin Anderson, John Emmet Tracy, James Byrnes Writer: Steven Kammerer, Julie Bruns | Producer: Amanda Konkin, Steven Kammerer, Julie Bruns, Camille Hollett-French, Michael Kazhan, Otto Mak | Director of Photography: Wai Sun Cheng | Editor: Alex Leigh Barker | Music: Sean William

Angel (Stage 32 Competition Winner)

Director: Dicky Chalmers | Taiwan | 2021 | European Premiere

A dark psychological thriller about technology and dating. When a girl goes back to a guy’s house following a dating app hook-up, she becomes suspicious of his true intentions after discovering his obsession with cooking ramen broth, and a strange AI digital assistant called Angel.

Cast: Yao Yi-Ti, Yao Chun-Yao Writer: Dicky Chalmers | Producer: Yen Chun-Wei | Director of Photography: Chen Ko-Chin | Editor: Dicky Chalmers | Music: Simon Whitfield

Baby's Phoney Friend (Stage 32 Competition Winner)

Director: Brianne Berkson, Miguel Gluckstern | Untied States | 2021 | International Premiere

Afraid of losing Mama and Papa to Phone(y)’s evil forces, Baby wages war, enlisting the help of her “friends” to do all she can to end Phone(y) once and for all. A comedic, contemporary Look Who’s Talking meets Toy Story, with a tech twist – from the perspective of a 10-month-old.

Cast: Aiyanna Lev, Brianne Berkson, Miguel Gluckstern Writer: Brianne Berkson, Miguel Gluckstern | Producer: Brianne Berkson, Miguel Gluckstern | Director of Photography: Alex Hass | Editor: Brianne Berkson, Miguel Gluckstern | Music: Brianne Berkson, Miguel Gluckstern, Matt Chiaravalle


Director: Bernardo Covarrubias Villarreal | Canada | 2020

After a violent and disturbing outburst in their home, a mother and her young daughter face death from an unseen evil force that takes the appearance of its victims. With no way out of the house, the only form of defense and survival is blood.

Cast: Sohee Hong, Kingston Chan Writer: Riley Rheyan | Producer: James Mattagne | Director of Photography: Azael Flores | Editor: Augustin Escoffier | Music: Dave Chick

Invisibles (Stage 32 Competition Winner)

Director: Joel Haikali | Namibia | 2019

In the film Invisibles, two individuals run into each other at a low point in their lives and go on a journey of self-love and freedom. Travelling through the majestic Namibian outback, the landscape of the psyche of a post-Apartheid nation, they find their place.

Cast: Salmi Namibiang, Kaudife Haikali, Cecil Moller, Vilho Nuumbala Writer: Joel Haikali | Producer: Sophie Haikali | Director of Photography: Bernd Curschman | Editor: Mikel Iribarren Morrás, Ismail Salahuddin | Music: Enrica Sciandrone

Lockdown Love

Director: Vanessa Lizanne | Germany | 2021 | World Premiere

On a gloomy morning during the nationwide lockdown, a young woman prepares for a very special day. Using a series of close detail shots, Lockdown Love paints an intimate picture of loneliness, connection and love in lockdown and tells the story of a love against all odds.

Cast: Vanessa Lizanne Writer: Vanessa Lizanne | Producer: Vanessa Lizanne | Director of Photography: Vanessa Lizanne | Editor: Vanessa Lizanne

Quarantine Lover

Director: Nick Ceulemans | Belgium | 2021 | World Premiere

A modest man enjoys a digital COVID-proof Valentine date with his dream lady. The couple seem to be head-over-heels. Or do they? This short aspires to make you happy and sad, and to reflect on loneliness and the eternal pursuit of love in just one minute.

Cast: Joris De Vadder, Veerle Malschaert Writer: Nick Ceulemans | Producer: Nick Ceulemans | Director of Photography: Joris Ceuppens | Editor: Nick Ceulemans

Rag (Stage 32 Competition Winner)

Director: Yuval Sussler | United States of America | 2019 | Internation Premiere

An immigrant woman is assaulted by white supremacists at night. Another woman stumbles upon the scene. Joining forces, they manage to escape, but as they reach safety and learn about each other’s identity, they realise that overcoming their own preconceptions might be their toughest challenge of the night.

Cast: Amel Khalil, Shelly Feldman, PJ Sosko, Dana Watkins Writer: Yuval Sussler | Producer: Yuval Sussler, Shelly Feldman | Director of Photography: Jaron Berman, Peter Perenyi | Editor: Yuval Sussler | Music: Itamar Ziegler

Talentless (Stage 32 Competition Winner)

Director: Jeff Perreca | United States of America | 2019 | International Premiere

When a new procedure is invented that can take one person’s talent and implant it into someone else, a struggling singer must choose between pursuing her dreams or selling her talent to the highest bidder. Talentless is about a question all artists face…do I follow my passion or money?

Cast: Shanica Knowles, Raquel Gardner, Reign Morton, Katie Enright, Aiko Johnson Writer: Jeff Perreca | Producer: Anissa Williams | Director of Photography: Russell Kawaguchi | Editor: Jeff Perreca | Music: Sandro Morales-Santoro

The First Goodbye

Director: Ali Mashayekhi | Canada | 2020 | European Premiere

A grieving woman creates an app that allows her to speak to her dead wife for a short period of time, in order to ask her the one question she never asked when she was alive. However, the answer she receives is worse than the question she was stuck with.

Cast: Esmé Bianco, Navid Negahban, Tara Grammy Writer: Ali Mashayekhi | Producer: Ali Mashayekhi, Joanna Tsanis, Jessica Pontes | Director of Photography: Conor Fisher | Editor: Abanoub Andraous | Music: Wild Belle

The Passport (Stage 32 Competition Winner)

Director: Olivier “Hero” Dressen | China | 2019

Brian wakes up in a dark alley with no memory of who he is or how he got there. On a mission to figure out his identity, he discovers truths that were better left forgotten. Through flashbacks, we learn more and more about Brian and how he got there.

Cast: Michael Koltes, Andy Ma, Patrick IP, Dante Pang Writer: Olivier “Hero” Dressen, Michael Koltes | Producer: Olivier “Hero” Dressen, Luca Buzas | Director of Photography: Jeffrey Weil | Editor: Pascal Oberlin | Music: Monsieur Magnetik, Leo Copet

The Plumber (Stage 32 Competition Winner)

Director: Cate Carson | United States | 2020 | UK Premiere

An adventure-suspense short inspired by true events surrounding Irena Sendler and her network. As curfew approaches, we follow Irena posing as a plumbing specialist in Nazi-occupied Poland. She risks it all in a smuggling operation through the shadows of Warsaw – where her bravery is put to the test.

Cast: Christine Celozzi, Hunter Jackson-Brier, Eddie Troy, Alex Yiakoumatos Writer: Cate Carson | Producer: J. Everley | Director of Photography: Cate Carson | Editor: J. Everley | Music: Jeffrey Emerson Gaiser

The Simulation

Director: Natsuki Robertson | Japan | 2021

After much consideration, your “Simulation” is carefully chosen and crafted for you. It has been tailored to fulfil all the needs and wants that your heart desires. Our ultimate goal is for you to feel unconditional happiness. But please go ahead and inform us, what more could you possibly want?

Cast: Natsuki Robertson Writer: Natsuki Robertson | Producer: Natsuki Robertson | Director of Photography: Natsuki Robertson | Editor: Natsuki Robertson | Music: Natsuki Robertson

The Whitest Day

Director: Alexey Wind | United States of America | 2021

A mini-film with a deep philosophical meaning, taking you through a kaleidoscope of surreal locations on your way to answering the questions: “Who are you and where did you come from?” Shot on an iPhone and produced by one person, the main inspiration came from the films of Andrei Tarkovsky.

Cast: Marianna Okrugnova, Alexander Kurylev Writer: Alexey Wind | Producer: Alexey Wind | Director of Photography: Alexey Wind | Editor: Alexey Wind | Music: Alexey Wind

Whatever It Takes (Stage 32 Competition Winner)

Director: Sean Michael Bradley | United States of America | 2020 | International Premiere

In this action short, Marcus does what is necessary to get out of a dangerous situation. He’s an average guy unwillingly thrust into his city’s criminal underbelly. With only his pure athleticism and wits, we join him on his escape from three men set on ending his life.

Cast: Wadi Jones, Matt Flanagan, Doug Graves, Sean Michael Bradley Writer: Sean Michael Bradley | Producer: David Kelly Crow, John Martin | Director of Photography: | Editor: Andres Torres | Music: Sergio Herrera

Where's Dennis

Director: | France | 2021

A desperate delivery man hurries up the floors of a tall and gloomy building, carrying a parcel for someone called Dennis. In just a minute, this dark and eerily fun story will have you wondering, “What’s in the box? Who’s Dennis?” and probably, “Hang on, what?”

Cast: Fred Cavender Writer: Chris Barlas | Producer: Fred Cavender | Director of Photography: Fred Cavender | Editor: Fred Cavender