New Departures Series 1

  • Short
  • 4 Episodes


First Last Summer

Director: Nastazja Gonera | Poland | 2020 | International Premiere

Nature is dying out as an ecological catastrophe continues. In a secret military center, research is being carried out on a new technology: transforming recidivists with life sentences into animals. A young employee of the center makes an attempt to free one of the female prisoners assigned for the conversion.

Cast: Daniel Namiotko, Edyta Torhan, Juliusz Chrząstowski, Alex Freiheit Writer: Nastazja Gonera | Producer: Agata Golańska | Director of Photography: Tomasz Gajewski | Editor: Nikodem Chabior, Alan Zejer | Music: Wojciech Urbański, Michał Bąk

Floating on Water

Director: Yi-Hui Su | Taiwan | 2021| International Premiere

Faced with the disappearance of her husband who was lost at sea, Yue’s life feels as though it has been swept away by the current as well. Meanwhile, her Little Ren looks for the water striders every day and wonders how they can live safely in the water without sinking.

Cast: Tzu-Xi Lin, Po-Hao Juan, Jade Chen, Mei-Yu Li Huang. Writer: Yi-Hui Su | Producer: Kuan-Ling Kuo | Director of Photography: Pin-Yu Sung | Editor: Wen-Yao Liu | Music: You-Ren Chen

The Distance of Time
The Watchers