Music Videos Series 1

  • 17 Episodes


Corner of My Sky

Director: Kasper Häggström | United Kingdom | 2020 | Best Music Video Nominee A man and his futile efforts to make toast. Starring Welsh actor Micheal Sheen, and Welsh singer Kelly Lee Owens, shot entirely in Wales with a Norwegian director in the middle of lockdown. Director Kasper Häggström finds a surreal beauty in the banality of everyday activities.

Cast: Michael Sheen, Conor Kennedy, Kelly Lee Owens Producer: Daphne Do | Director of Photography: James Blann | Editor: Kasper Häggström | Music: Kelly Lee Owens

Cuenta Lo

Director: NONO, Rodrigo Inada | United Kingdom | 2020

Biig Piig experiences the interstitial space of morality and the insidious allure of wealth, power and fame while working as a poker dealer at a casino. An immersive experience, this video shows us Biig Piig’s universe and is a metaphor for the music industry in which she works.

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Cast: Biig Piig, Jonathan Cann, Sharon Forbes, Tinnie Tong, Richard Bobb-Semple, Nabila Hakama, Rosa Cecilia, JD Reid, Waddah Sinada, Riley Wolf, Ahmed Zada, Seirian Griffiths Writer: NONO, Rodrigo Inada | Producer: Jackson Forsythe | Director of Photography: Franklin Dow | Editor: George Harper, Rodrigo Inada, Nono Ayuso | Music: Biig Piig

Don't Judge Me

Director: Emmanuel Adjei, FKA Twigs | United Kingdom | 2021 | Best Music Video Nominee A comment on the experience of being black and British, featuring FKA Twigs and Headie One alongside activists, writers, and cultural figures. Everyone’s experience is different, yet all share a struggle against an invisible oppressor – propagated by cultural, systemic and structural biases – hard to see and even harder to overcome.

Cast: Ndongo Faye, Toby Jackman, Rianna Trotman, Rhys Dennis, Valerie Ebuwa Writer: FKA Twigs, Headie One, Fred again.. | Producer: Emmanuel Adjei, FKA Twigs | Director of Photography: Paul Ozgur | Editor: Matt Newman | Music: FKA Twigs, Headie One, Fred again..

Early Roadtrip

Director: David Schlatter | Switzerland | 2021 | World Premiere

Someone walking on a road at night encounters different creatures – some strange, some amusing, some alluring. During this trip, the handheld camera view fades into a floating gaze. The soundtrack with its drifty rhythm leads onwards until, finally, it gets difficult to move any further.

Writer: David Schlatter | Producer: David Schlatter | Director of Photography: David Schlatter | Editor: David Schlatter | Music: Métrage Totale


Director: Delia Simonetti | Italy | 2020

With a bright and expressive colour palette mixed with a rhythm and blues soundtrack, Delia Simonetti’s promo for David Blank and PNKSAND’s Foreplay is a gorgeous celebration of Afro-Italian and queer communities in Milan. It blurs the line between music video and fashion shoot, perfectly complementing the song’s retro-futuristic vibe.

Cast: David Blank, PNKSAND, Bellamy, Kenjii Benjii, Oxana, Ifeoma Emeh, Milanpyramid, Kobramulato, Maria Campadel, Winta Beyene, Jade Bellotti, Binta Diaw, Dario Murillo, Taitù, Loretta Grace, BB Axel, Polly & Pamy, Jean Diaz, Alex Writer: Delia Simonetti | Producer: The Blink Fish Production | Director of Photography: Alessandro Ubaldi | Editor: Delia Simonetti | Music: David Blank, PNKSAND, ilromantico

From The Back Of A Cab

Director: Jason Lester, Rostam Batmanglij | United States of America | 2021

The familiar confines of the back of a taxi feature a rotating cast, including some familiar faces, as the setting changes from day to night, with arguments, silent romance, anxiety and cute puppies filling the car. This music video is an optimistic, nostalgic elegy for a dying mode of transport.

Cast: Rostam Batmanglij, Charli XCX, Haim, Wallows, Kaia Gerber Writer: Jason Lester | Producer: Laura Burhenn | Director of Photography: Jordan Black | Editor: Jason Lester | Music: Rostam Batmanglij

I Died

Director: Zuzanna Plisz | Poland | 2021

A pregnant girl comes under the care of a group of nuns. After her illegitimate newborn is sold to a mysterious clergyman, the girl suppresses her emotions, making her vulnerable to an evil lurking just around the corner. I Died is a horror-themed narrative story shot in black and white.

Cast: Natalia Lange, Beata Zygarlicka, Marta Malikowska, Ewelina Zawada, Jerzy Nasierowski Writer: Zuzanna Plisz | Producer: Kuba Kawalec | Director of Photography: Kacper Fertacz | Editor: Aleksandra Gowin | Music: Kuba Kawalec

I Do This All The Time

Director: Rebecca Lucy Taylor | United Kingdom | 2021

This video plays on the idea of holding oneself. How sometimes we need to be alone, sometimes we need to be surrounded. The idea that there is no quick fix or solution, the top of the mountain isn’t the goal, it’s the walking up it we need to appreciate.

Cast: Rebecca Lucy Taylor, Charlotte Anderson-Barrow, Sophie Galpin, Levi Heaton, Marged Sion Writer: Rebecca Lucy Taylor | Producer: Rosie Brear | Director of Photography: Jake Gabbay | Editor: Sam Allen | Music: Rebecca Lucy Taylor

I Sleep Little and Dream a Lot

Director: Paolo Santamaria | Italy | 2020

The video for I Sleep Little and Dream a Lot explores the travel theme in all its facets. Important topical issues such as eco-sustainability, social equity and criticism of consumerism find space, which is revealed in oceans populated by plastic fauna and in a habitat dotted with waste.

Writer: Paolo Santamaria | Producer: Garrincha Dischi | Director of Photography: Paolo Santamaria | Editor: Marco Camilli | Music: Espana Circo Este

Lonely Cowgirl

Director: Lydia Garnett | United Kingdom | 2021 | UK Premiere | Best Music Video Nominee A sexy, queer, lesbian music video for Trouble Wanted full of high drag and John Waters-style weirdness. Within this western-themed utopia, Lonely Cowgirl and her love interest, a dyke trucker, share more than lusty looks. The night is young, so pull up a bar stool and enjoy the ride!

Cast: Lilisquee, Lucy Nurnberg, June Lam, Dean Corton Writer: Lydia Garnett, Lucy Nurnberg, Olivia Norris, Marie Malarie, Ana Rita Tiene | Producer: Cherrelle Redley Murrain | Director of Photography: Ben Marshall | Editor: Debbie Novo, Ned Alderwick | Music: Trouble Wanted


Director: Isabella Andronos | Australia | 2020

When a dance competition opens up in their town, a group of young girls decide to take part. Instead of a traditional piece, the girls take it upon themselves to perform their own distinct routine. The girls are determined to show their strength, regardless of the outcome.

Cast: Isabella Miranda, Georgia Vicente, Gezel Bardossi, Zahlee Moore, Chloe Delle-Vedove, Athena Rose Raju Writer: Isabella Andronos | Producer: Katherine Shearer, Isabella Andronos | Director of Photography: Emma Paine | Editor: Abi Portwin | Music: C. R. Robin

Monsters You Made

Director: Meji Alabi | United Kingdom / Nigeria / United States of America | 2020

Nigerian musician Burna Boy’s video for the track Monsters You Made, from his Grammy-winning album Twice As Tall. Chris Martin of Coldplay appears on this song, which focuses on how systemic racism and inequality lead to trauma and violence, and shows images of racial injustice in both Africa and America.

Producer: Jimi Adesanya⁣ | Director of Photography: KC Obiajulu | Editor: Mah Ferraz | Music: Burna Boy, Chris Martin

Posing In Bondage

Director: Michelle Zauner | United States of America | 2021 | Best Music Video Nominee Posing In Bondage is a song about two people who want so badly to connect but are never quite able to do so. No place felt lonelier than an empty grocery at 1am. The video serves as an epilogue to the music video for Savage Good Boy.

Cast: Harmony Tividad Writer: Michelle Zauner | Producer: Carine Teoh | Director of Photography: Adam Kolodny | Editor: Ryan Schnackenberg, Martin Kvale, Gabe Sanchez | Music: Michelle Zauner, Jack Tatum


Director: Matthew Taylor | United Kingdom | 2020

Enter Shikari’s song T.I.N.A. uses Margaret Thatcher’s famous phrase “there is no alternative” to reference the short-sightedness of the contemporary political landscape. In the video, we follow the Hand Puppets on a three act journey through T.I.N.A. Will they break free from the darkness of the stage?

Cast: Rou Reynolds, Chris Batten, Rob Rolfe, Rory Clewlow Editor: Matthew Taylor | Music: Enter Shikari


Director: Leah Vlemmiks | Canada | 2020

Tesfay – Witch Prophet uses dance, narrative and documentary to tell the story of Witch Prophet’s late grandfather, Tesfay, who raised five daughters as a single father in Ethiopia. Set against the backdrop of a summer’s day, Tesfay celebrates the intergenerational impact of positive father-daughter relationships.

Cast: Josh Taylor, Olivia Ruth Power, Chloe-Rae Smith, Nina Wagler, Amira Morgan, Chanteya Jacobs Writer: Leah Vlemmiks, Witch Prophet | Producer: Laura Johnson | Director of Photography: Michael Distefano | Editor: Leah Vlemmiks, Michael Distefano | Music: Witch Prophet, Karen Ng

Till We Meet Again

Director: Rupert Höller | Austria | 2020 | World Premiere

The director Rupert Höller has hired an actor, Alexander E. Fennon, to mess with the band while they are performing in a studio setting. Watch the band suffer through these childish pranks which culminate in a dark twist. It’s all fun and games until it’s not anymore.

Cast: Alexander E. Fennon Writer: Rupert Höller | Producer: Rupert Höller | Director of Photography: Matthias Helldoppler | Editor: Rupert Höller | Music: Good Wilson


Director: Will Dohrn | United Kingdom | 2020

A story of pain, compassion and alleviation, expressed through hands. “While you can tell a great deal about a person and their thoughts and feelings through facial expressions, we also very frequently look for thought and feeling in other people’s hand movements, positions and gestures,” says director Will Dohrn.

Cast: Ratiba Ayadi, Mark Farry, Nobuse Junior, Ashton Coe Producer: Melissa Giles | Director of Photography: Harry Wheeler | Editor: Will Dohrn | Music: Idles