Intimate Agendas Series 1

  • Short
  • 7 Episodes


All Things Belong To The River

Director: Fang Liang | China | 2020 | International Premiere

A large number of Guangdong factories have relocated abroad. This story focuses on several young workers, who try to rid their anxiety through love. All Things Belong To The River is a fragile love story which examines the conditions in which these young people work.

Cast: Li Gan, Chen Xuanyu, Long Zezhi Writer: Fang Liang | Producer: Huang Xu Feng, Liang Ying | Director of Photography: Peter Pan | Editor: Huang Sheng | Music: Huang Sheng

Beirut Highway

Director: Pedro Hasrouny | Lebanon | 2021 | 12 Minutes | World Premiere

Lama comes back to Beirut after a trip to France and sees her city in ruins due to the August 4th blast. Once home, she struggles to find a way to break up with her boyfriend. Lama finds herself at a crossroads between what was then and what is now.

Cast: Jad Khater, Joy Hallak Writer: Pedro Hasrouny | Producer: Pedro Hasrouny | Director of Photography: Elsy Hajjar | Editor: Pedro Hasrouny | Music: Byrce Jacobs, Duncan Pittock, Jordan Gagne, Claude Debussy

Blue Hour
She Leaves
Sunrise In My Mind
The Criminals