Gone Astray Series 1

  • Short
  • 8 Episodes



Director: Hazel McKibbin | United States of America | 2020

After Emma lodges a complaint of sexual harassment against her supervisor, she meets with management to discuss the results of their investigation. She then must grapple with the disturbing aftermath. Based on writer-director Hazel McKibbin’s personal experience, Doublespeak offers a glimpse into one woman’s painful experience of reporting harassment.

Cast: Angela Wong Carbone, Tony Costa, Ken Driesslein, Tricia Merrick, Frank Lewallen Writer: Hazel McKibbin | Producer: Stephanie Fine, Meera Vaidya | Director of Photography: Allison Anderson | Editor: Jordan Anstatt, Hazel McKibbin

Esther In Wonderland

Director: Stephanie Bollag | Switzerland / United States of America | 2021 | European Premiere

Once her devout Hasidic husband has left for the day, Esther (Naian González Norvind) sneaks off to join a female breakdance crew rehearsing on a secret rooftop in New York’s racially charged neighbourhood of Crown Heights. Led by the charismatic Dream, Esther is mesmerised by the troupe.

Cast: Naian González Norvin, Martha Bernabel, Sawandi Wilson, Pesach Eisen, Odylle Beder, Jennifer Acosta, Nadjaya Delgado, Samantha Dunn Writer: Stephanie Bollag, Lily Lyor Askenazi | Producer: Yves Kugelmann, Kim Dang, Lia Mayer-Sommer | Director of Photography: Zamarin Wahdat | Editor: Adam Chitayat | Music: Shruti Kumar

Marlon Brando

Director: Vincent Tilanus | Netherlands | 2020

In the last weeks of being high school students, Cas and Naomi, both out of the closet, prefer to spend their days together. But when their future plans seem to drive them apart, their relationship will be put at risk and the affectionate Cas must dare to be alone.

Cast: Tijn Winters, Jetske Lieber Writer: Vincent Tilanus | Producer: Loes Komen, Eva Verweij | Director of Photography: Eva Heinsbroek | Editor: Tobias Cornelissen | Music: Annelotte Coster


Director: Maude Bouchard, Camille Trudel | Canada | 2021 | International Premiere

Miette, a bubbly young woman, meets with a documentary filmmaker. While the filmmaker seeks to get a better understanding of the mental health care system, the young woman opens up and shares her personal experience. Through this delicate encounter, Miette explores how guilt shapes our personal narrative and relationships.

Cast: Noémie O’Farrell, Helena Deland, Maude Bouchard Writer: Maude Bouchard, Camille Trudel | Producer: Léonie Hurtubise, Justine Chevarie-Cossette | Director of Photography: Marie Davignon | Editor: Sophie Farkas Bolla | Music: Mortadelle

Rite of Passage

Director: Iggy London | United Kingdom | 2020 | Best UK Short Nominee Rite of Passage is a touching tale centered on the everyday experiences of two brothers living in the city. A lyrical voiceover reflects on fraternity as embodied by the dynamic relationship between the two young men who tussle with moments of anger, sadness and stillness.

Cast: Nimshi Kongolo, Moses Alexander Writer: Iggy London | Producer: Ersan Beskardes | Director of Photography: David Foulkes | Editor: Gary Coogan | Music: Rob Lewis

The Little Prince of New York

Director: Sam Stillman | United States | 2020 | World Premiere

There’s no right answer to a wrong question. Alaeddin Djellouli is on the clock. At fifteen, his school’s about to kick him out and the cops are chasing him down. Alaeddin does what he must in New York City until, to save his father, he sacrifices everything.

Cast: Alaeddin Djellouli, Chris Galust, Eléonore Hendricks, Mohammed Djellouli, Rocco Alexander Writer: Sam Stillman | Producer: Andre Bojanic, Eléonore Hendricks, Galen Core | Director of Photography: Hunter Zimny | Editor: Sam Stillman | Music: JS Bach


Director: Valéry Carnoy | Belgium / France | 2021 | UK Premiere

Nathan is a stubborn thirteen-year-old boy. Driven by his new friend Malik, he prepares himself for a strange ritual to become a member of a teenage gang. In order to look strong to the other kids, Nathan scarifies a cross on his chest, hoping it will prove his willpower.

Cast: Mathéo Kabati, Killyan Guechtoum-Robert, Jef Cuppens, Marcel Degotte, Phénix Brossard Writer: Valéry Carnoy | Producer: Julie Esparbes, Lucas Tothe, Hugo Deghilage | Director of Photography: Arnaud Guez | Editor: Marianna Romano | Music: Julien Thiverny

To Be There

Director: Nefeli Chrysa Avgeris | Switzerland | 2021 | International Premiere

Four young women grapple with themselves and their self-esteem, far from everyday life and social media. The lost connection to a world they have long forgotten forces them to confront themselves. To Be There reveals a multitude of subtle revelations about the constant process of being a woman.

Cast: Martha Benedict, Julie Burkardt, Vjosa Azemi, Annina Polivka Writer: Nefeli Chrysa Avgeris | Producer: Julie Burkardt | Director of Photography: Paul Sonntag | Editor: Nefeli Chrysa Avgeris | Music: Audio Dope