Forgotten Landscapes Series 1

  • short
  • 5 Episodes


A Broken House

Director: Jimmy Goldblum | United States of America / Lebanon | 2020 | European Premiere

Syrian architect Mohamad Hafez receives a one-way ticket to the United States. Missing his homeland, he decides to create a stand-in, sculpting lifelike miniatures of the Damascus cityscape he has left behind. A Broken House is a story of love, loss and the ways we create pathways home.

Cast: Mohamad Hafez

Producer: Dick Gephardt, Jimmy Goldblum, Matt Weaver, Harrison Nalevansky | Director of Photography: Oliver Millar | Editor: Brad Turner | Music: From The Mouth Of The Sun

Not Over Yet

Director: Monise Nicodemos | Brazil | 2020 | UK Premiere

Not Over Yet is a cinematic trip between Brazil and Greece. Taking the search for roots as a starting point, the film takes us on a journey where personal memories intertwine with politics and history. Shot on 16 mm, this debut film reveals an intimate and poignant style.

Writer: Monise Nicodemos | Producer: Monise Nicodemos | Director of Photography: Carolina Marsiaj Costa | Editor: Cécile Cheize, Monise Nicodemos | Music: Samuel Zucca, Guillaume Fontanarosa

Testimony of Ana

Director: Sachin Dheeraj Mudigonda | India / United States of America | 2020 | UK Premiere

An Adivasi elder accused of witchcraft by her neighbours in rural India uses faith and perseverance to survive several monstrous attacks. Living in an area beset by widespread logging, her refusal to be driven off the land sets up a conflict deeply rooted in patriarchy and capitalism – the witch-hunt.

Cast: Anaben Pawar Writer: Anaben Pawar | Producer: Janani Vijayanathan, Sachin Dheeraj Mudigonda | Director of Photography: | Editor: Rohin Raveendran Nair | Music: Sachin Dheeraj Mudigonda

The Diamond

Director: Caitlyn Greene | United States of America | 2021 | European Premiere

Atop the remnants of an ancient volcanic crater, wandering souls search for an elusive diamond. As the film cycles between a lost veteran, a grieving wife, a self-proclaimed ghost, mourning sisters, and a resilient couple, what emerges is a collective portrait of grief and grace.

Producer: Caitlyn Greene | Director of Photography: Nick Perron-Siegel | Editor: Caitlyn Greene, Dillon Hayes | Music: Jeff Melanson

Village Hours

Director: Matthew Reed | United Kingdom | 2021 | World Premiere

Village Hours explores the world of Britain’s village halls. Taking in a thwarted pantomime rehearsal, dreamlike dance displays and a macabre local history presentation; the film is a warm, sometimes surreal examination of the people and practices which make up contemporary rural life in the UK.

Cast: Bob Hammond, Graham Stapley, Larry Green, Jenny Corbyn, Geoff Robinson Producer: Matthew Reed | Director of Photography: Matthew Reed | Editor: Matthew Reed | Music: Laura Cannell