Animation Programme 2 Series 1

  • Animation
  • 13 Episodes


A Bite of Bone

Director: Honami Yano | Japan | 2021 | UK Premiere

Best Animation Short Nominee

A little girl reflects on her last summer with her father at his funeral. Set on a small island in Japan where the director was born and raised, the film explores the relationship between the death of her father and the bomb storage in the mountain behind the family house.

Cast: Ayamo Tano

Writer: Honami Yano | Producer: Koji Yamamura, Sanae | Director of Photography: Honami Yano | Editor: Honami Yano

A Brief History Of Us

Director: Etgar Keret | Poland | 2021 | World Premiere

When you are in a long-term relationship, you sometimes feel you are no longer an individual, but a part of a super-organism. Your daily routine, the decisions you make, the music you hear and the air you breathe: it’s hard to tell the difference between my choices and our choices.

Cast: Molly Ringwald Writer: Etgar Keret | Producer: Piotr Furmankiewicz, Mateusz Michalak, Hamutal Gur | Editor: Ofra Kobliner | Music: Maciej Dobrowolski


Director: Brynne McGregor | United States of America | 2020 | UK Premiere

Agreement is an artificially constructed conversation comprised of interviews with linguistics scholars and students. For eight minutes, eight voices discuss communication barriers, sign language, and the beauty of writing. More than 3,000 hand-drawn and painted frames visualise linguistic phenomena such as phonetics, semantics and syntax.

Writer: Brynne McGregor | Producer: Brynne McGregor | Editor: Brynne McGregor | Music: Wayne Salzmann II


Director: Dominica Harrison | United Kingdom | 2020

During a long hot summer in the forest, Child is forced to grow up. First her dog becomes ill, then out of the blue her mother returns with a new lover in tow. Child’s world is turned upside-down. A coming of age story, set in an enchanted Russian wilderness.

Writer: Dominica Harrison | Producer: Abigail Addison, Gergana Krasteva | Editor: Michael Ho | Music: Robin Porter


Director: Lili Zhang | China | 2021 | UK Premiere

Does men’s courtship prove your attractiveness and give you confidence? In the quest for approval, do we change ourselves too much? Chocolate examines the subtle psychology of intercourse between men and women. This animation is hand-drawn with chalk, with different shades of brown representing the emotions of the main character.

Cast: Lili Zhang, Xing Haichao, Hu Chengyi Writer: Lili Zhang | Producer: Lili Zhang | Director of Photography: Lili Zhang | Editor: Lili Zhang | Music: Lili Zhang

Conversations with a Whale

Director: Anna Samo | Germany | 2020 Best Animation Short Nominee

In this love letter to artists, their art and its audience, one film-maker is confronted with rejection after rejection until, at last, a beautiful fig tree bears sweet fruits. Conversations with a Whale was created directly under the camera lens, using various analogue animation techniques.

Writer: Anna Samo | Producer: Tom Bergmann | Director of Photography: Tom Bergmann | Editor: Anna Samo | Music: Merche Blasco

Diseased and Disorderly

Director: Andrew Kötting | United Kingdom | 2021 | European Premiere | Best Animation Short Nominee

Diseased and Disorderly uses the paintings, drawings and collages of neurodiverse artist Eden Kötting to make imagistic gold. Assisted by her father Andrew Kötting, the 2D animator Glenn Whiting and the 3D animator Isabel Skinner, we’re taken on a phantasmagorical journey into a world of Eden’s making and then beyond.

Cast: Eden Kötting, Schneider, Marcia Farquhar Writers: Andrew Kötting, Hattie Naylor | Producers: Rebecca Mark-Lawson, Daria Nitsche | Director of Photography: Nick Gordon Smith | Editor: Andrew Kötting | Music: Jem Finer

Eat Me!

Director: Kassidy Evans | United States of America | 2020

A beastly hag by the name of Ora Beetleboggle has an insatiable hunger for the plump, sugary flesh of the Sugarling children. One day, Ora ventures out in search of fresh children and attempts to lure the Sugarlings into her rumbling belly. Will she starve or gorge?

Producer: Denise Anger de Medeiros

Film Found

Director: Claudia Munksgaard-Palmqvist | Norway / Denmark | 2021

Look at a mistake that is not human. Be present in the uncontrollable intervention of the material. Between control and chance, surface and void, a film will (perhaps) be found. Film Found is a study of letting go of control when working with physical materials.

Writer: Claudia Munksgaard-Palmqvist | Producer: Volda University College | Director of Photography: Claudia Munksgaard-Palmqvist | Editor: Claudia Munksgaard-Palmqvist | Music: Anton Friisgaard


Director: Prashanti Aswani | United Kingdom | 2020

A lighthearted animated documentary narrated by the filmmaker’s mother, as she recalls her childhood in Jakarta with her siblings and her caretaker – Machi. The role that Machi played in their lives went far beyond feeding, styling and scolding, and her love was felt until her very last day.

Cast: Prashanti Aswani

Writer: Prashanti Aswani | Producer: Prashanti Aswani | Director of Photography: Prashanti Aswani | Editor: Prashanti Aswani | Music: Ruanth Chrisley Thyssen

Rites of Spring

Director: Yiorgos Tsangaris | Cyprus | 2021 | UK Premiere

Christian Orthodox tradition and travelling theatre troupes with their pagan roots are two seemingly opposite worlds, both mysterious and both enchanting to the filmmaker. Using abstract forms, and taking inspiration from printmaking and folk art, the film expresses the emotional and visual impact of a beautiful but disappearing world.

Writer: Kostis Kolotas | Producer: Yiorgos Tsangaris, Cyprus Ministry of Education & Culture | Editor: Yiorgos Tsangaris | Music: Antonis Antoniou

The Coincidental Killing of a Cat by an Unworldly Tune

Director: Maya Kurdoglu | Turkey / United Kingdom | 2021 | UK Premiere

This eerie film is a short animation about a cat who wanders into a house where a mysterious musician plays a song that no mortal can bear to hear. The film was inspired by a nightmare, uses digitised analogue techniques, and has an original composition at its heart.

Writer: Zeynep Naz Kecelioglu | Producer: Zeynep Naz Kecelioglu | Director of Photography: Maya Kurdoglu | Editor: Maya Kurdoglu | Music: Turgut Mavuk

The Wild Cow

Director: Tom Schroeder | United States of America | 2021 | UK Premiere

Two people float on a river on a late summer’s day and experience an unexpected vision of the flow of matter and energy in the universe. They are within the flow. This is an animated trip through water, air, land and space, led by the wild cow.

Writer: Tom Schroeder | Producer: Tom Schroeder | Music: Arthur Verocai