What’s in a Story?: Unlocking the possibilities of Immersive Storytelling

  • Immersive Forum
  • 60min
  • 2020

This is the on-demand recording, to watch live on 5th November click here.

Intrigued about the latest line up of Raindance Immersive creators? Join this panel of pioneering artists, writers and directors as they share their journey from crafting immersive stories, to exploring the unknown.

About the Speakers

Vibeke Bryld

Vibeke Bryld is a Danish filmmaker and writer. She has directed several documentaries, video art works and short films and is currently in post production with the documentary / hybrid feature film Thyland, which is set in the same universe as the VR experience Hush.

Mathias Chelebourg

Mathias Chelebourg is a French director, captivated by innovation and the exploration of immersive technologies. He started his career working as an assistant film director, across digital advertising and documentaries with a keen focus on narrative and technical experiments. When he discovered virtual reality in 2012, he managed to convince luxury brands such as Dior to enter the race. It is this same creative energy that later enabled him to co-achieve his first success in virtual reality, ‘Alice, The Virtual Reality Play’ (2017), co-created by Marie Jourdren and produced by DVgroup, and exhibited at Cannes and Venice.

In 2018, ‘The Real Thing’, a 360 video documentary film co-directed with Benoit Felici was released, alongside ‘JACK’, the VR immersive theatre piece in collaboration with Baobab Studios, voiced by Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o. In 2019, Mathias directed ‘Dr Who VR The Runaway’, co-produced by the BBC and Passion Pictures, which was selected for the VR competition at the Annecy International Film of Animation Festival.

Charlotte Mikkelborg

Lauded by Vice as one of the “female filmmakers revolutionizing how we see the world”, Charlotte Mikkelborg is a British director and producer – who first gained recognition as a BBC foreign correspondent – but has more recently become known for her work directing gripping character-driven film and virtual reality. Charlotte’s work packs an emotional punch, with the aim of entertaining, informing and driving social change. Charlotte’s 2016 short Born into Exile – the harrowing yet hopeful story of two pregnant Syrian refugees – screened in the US Houses of Congress, while Charlotte’s 2018 360 film ‘The Journey’ premiered at SXSW and was winner of the 61st Cine Golden Eagle Award for Best VR Short.

Most recently, Charlotte created ‘Fly’ in collaboration with Neil Corbould’s Oscar winning practical effects team (Gladiator, Gravity) and Novelab (Spheres, Notes on Blindness). Fly had a sell out run in London’s Saatchi Gallery Summer 2019 and had its US premier at Tribeca Film Festival April 2020. It is currently nominated for Best VR Experience 2020 in Raindance Immersive and the VR Awards.

Glen Neath

Glen Neath is the Co-Director of Visitors, an immersive audio experience, created by. Darkfield Radio. He has written novels, plays for radio, for the stage and non-theatre locations, performed by rehearsed and unrehearsed actors and by members of the public who are also the audience. Projects include Wedding, Free Show (bring money) and Die or Run with Hannah Ringham, Hide with Lizzie Clachan, Unpack with Neil Bennun and Hello for Dummies and Romcom with Ant Hampton. His radio plays for BBC Radio 4 include Listen Up, Six Impossible Things, Occupied, The Long Count and a two-part adaptation of The Arabian Nights. His debut novel, The Outgoing Man, launched Portobello Books in 2005 and was shortlisted for the Authors’ Club Best First Novel Award.