What Makes an Award-winning Short? In Conversation with Catherine Lyn Scott VOD

  • Independent Cinema
  • 60min
  • Emerging Filmmaker's Day
  • 2020

This is the on-demand recording of the panel, to watch live on the 29th October via Zoom please click here.

Catherine Lyn Scott, director and founder of London Flair PR, shares her experience of working on some of cinema’s most awarded short films.

Catherine examines the qualities of an award-worthy project, reveals the must-have promotional materials to consider ahead of production, and talks about the pathway to recognition and critical acclaim.

Hosted by Baptiste Charles, Raindance

This event is part of the Emerging Filmmakers’ Day, a full day of completely free events, available around the world for filmmakers who are at the start of their careers, full of practical tips to help you take the next steps towards a successful career.

About Catherine Lyn Scott:

Almost 15 years ago entertainment publicist Catherine Lyn Scott founded London Flair PR in Los Angeles, a few years later she opened the London office. Working both sides of the Atlantic, she has helped clients achieve 14 Oscar nominations, 3 Academy Award wins and 4 BAFTA nominations in 6 years. Her films have starred actors like the late Sir John Hurt, Melissa Leo, and Catherine Deneuve.

Through London Flair PR, she creates publicity campaigns for actors like Billy Zane and the Oscar-winner Rachel Shenton. They also talent wrangle for film festivals and events.

About Baptiste Charles:

Baptiste Charles is a writer and filmmaker from France. After graduating from business school with a Master’s Degree in Management of the Creative Industries, he became Programme Registrar of the MA in Filmmaking at Raindance. He has been a programmer for the Raindance Film Festival, in the Queer Strand, since 2016, programming both feature and short films.

He produced the hit web series ’Netflix & Kill’ in 2018 and the award-winning short film ‘Alder’ in 2019. In 2020, his first short film as a writer ‘U Up?’ was produced and shown on the festival circuit.