Virtual Production: The Metaverse on Film

  • Immersive Forum
  • 60min
  • 2020

This is the on-demand recording, to watch live on 5th November click here.

Join indie filmmaker Joe Hunting, discussing his personal journey into directing documentary films inside social platform VRChat, and his creative relationship between work and play. As this immersive social media starts to take its first steps into our online world, Joe is documenting how VR is affecting the way we socialise, love and express ourselves; pioneering live virtual production techniques capturing life in VRChat through a cinematic lens. Learn about how Joe casts, location scouts and shoots all inside VRChat through the thousands of worlds, followed by a live hands on demo streamed from inside in VRChat.

About Virtually Speaking Virtually Speaking is an episodic documentary series filmed entirely inside social platform VRChat, presenting real conversations from a diverse global cast, comically represented by their virtual avatars. You’ll meet an intelligent grasshopper, a songwriting space cat and more in this humbling show capturing how people felt about the world in 2020.

About the Speaker

Joe Hunting

Most known for award winning short film A Wider Screen and’s series Virtually Speaking. Joe Hunting is an indie documentary filmmaker focused on capturing real stories from inside social platform VRChat, presenting the worlds and people of the metaverse in a relatable and emotional light using cinematic virtual camera tools and techniques. Joe created his first short film A Wider Screen whilst studying film production at the University of Gloucestershire, the film won best experimental and documentary awards and had a small worldwide festival tour. Since, Joe has graduated this year and is now developing a longer, intimate documentary following various communities inside VRChat, alongside working freelance as a virtual director for VRChat events.