Ven VR Adventure

  • Immersive, VR
  • 4h 0m
  • Immersive
  • 2020

Ven VR Adventure is a single-player platform game built for VR from the ground up. Ven’s home planet has been invaded by an enemy who wants to destroy the magical world and gain energy that will make him virtually immortal. Be the hero and help Ven save his planet from destruction!

Damian Boczek created and developed the platformer game Ven VR Adventure, having been fascinated with new technology and VR for many years. To ensure high quality, Damian pays attention to the smallest details while constantly searching for fresh solutions in VR, a technology that is still new and growing.


Monologic Games


Damian Boczek

Executive Producer

Damian Boczek


Damian Boczek


Damian Boczek

Director of Photography

Dawid Jesiorski


Damian Boczek

Sound Designer

Paweł Robak

Production Designer

Damian Boczek