Transforming VR Theatre Performances into Virtual Worlds: A VR Masterclass with Sngmoo Lee

  • Immersive Forum
  • 60min
  • 2020

This is the on-demand recording, to watch the talk live on 5th November click here.

Since its Sundance debut as a one-on-one VR immersive theatre performance, Scarecrow has been reimagined post-COVID especially for Raindance with the actor performing as a live avatar in a custom-made world inside social platform VRChat. Working as a team, two participants will be able to join in, and take part in the live show.

Join Writer and Director, Sngmoo Lee, as he shares his journey transforming Scarecrow from a physical one-on-one performance into an entirely new multi-player experience in VRChat. Scarecrow VRC, the new virtual adaptation of the show, will premiere at Raindance during 5th and 11th November.

About Scarecrow VRC Evil firebirds attacked the town and ate up all the villagers’ hearts. One scarecrow has waited hundreds of years for someone to save him… Working as a team with other players, you must now break the spell by befriending the scarecrow and returning the hearts to the townspeople.

About the Speaker

Sngmoo Lee

Sngmoo Lee is a writer, director and producer working on traditional and immersive media. His VR projects Eyes in the Red Wind and Rain Fruits won awards at various festivals. He is a professor and the director of the Arts and Technology Lab at Korea National University of Arts.