Ton-Kaka-Ton - JIFF

  • JIFF
  • 1h 39m
  • 2020

This film is part of the Japan Indies Festival which will be held online on the 16th and 17th of November. You can watch for free or support the festival by buying the pass here. This is not part of the Raindance 2020 Film Festival, those films can be found here.

After graduating from high school, Nobu Matsuura (19), who starts to work at the same local shipyard as his uncle, Shinji Takenaka (43), is fed up with his uncle Shinji because he lives a sloppy and irresponsible life.

One day, due to his frustration with uncle Shinji, Nobu neglects his daily responsibility of taking his aunt Umi Takenaka (40) to the hospital. Nobu and Shinji get into an argument, and Shinji’s reveals to Nobu that he has been sick and his days are numbered. Shinji, who is searching for something he can leave behind after his death, asks Nobu to “live together.” Nobu, still regretting his own behavior, accepts Shinji’s proposal, and the awkward nephew and his clumsy uncle start to live together.

Born in Echizen Town, Fukui Prefecture. A former fisherman dreaming of filmmaking, he moved to Tokyo, and has been working with New Cinema Workshop since April 2014. While studying at the school, he directed the short film “Father's Day” and in September 2017 the first feature film “Ton-Kaka-Ton”. Awards: Short film “Father's Day” ・ Newcomer Film Festival Semi Grand Prix ・ Ueda Castle Town Film Festival Jury Special Award ・ Fukui Station Short Film Festival Audience Award


Teppei Kohira