The Road is a Red Thread

  • Film Club, Female Gaze
  • 6min
  • 2021

Raindance Film Club is bringing the best of Raindance with different films every single month. The 8th March is International Women’s Day, and therefore this month Raindance is partnering with 16days16films to bring you four inspiring films exploring issues related to women.

The film will be accompanied by a panel discussion at 7pm on the 25th March with Maria Finitzo (Dilemma of Desire), B Monét (Ballet After Dark), Charlotte Daniel (Eyes Down) & Melissa Elizondo (The Road is a Red Thread).

The Road is a Red Thread explores the ongoing femicide crisis in Mexico, and the daily rituals - and uncertainty - that women in that country have to endure to avoid the wave of violence against them.

When I go out the door I feel like I may never come back, every morning I say goodbye to go through that endless open wound where women are killed day after day: the State of Mexico. Throughout my life I have traveled in a perpetual state of alert in the areas where thousands of women have “disappeared” and like millions of women in Mexico, I daily live the fear of being raped, beaten to death, stabbed or dismembered and ending up in a garbage bag while I try to get home. We are violated at work, at school, on the street and even in our own home. We have grown up hearing heinous stories of femicides that are repeated everyday. For us, “living” has become surviving.


Live on 25/02 at 7pm UK Time, with Maria Finitzo, B Monét, Charlotte Daniel & Melissa Elizondo.

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Director of Photography

Alicia Segovia

Director of Photography

Miriam Ortíz


Spanish, English