The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo

laurels icon Best Cinematography Nominee
  • Absurdities, Queer, Discovery
  • 1h 22m
  • Documentary Feature
  • UK Premiere
  • 2020

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A square sound engineer employs unusual research efforts to reveal the secrets behind the quintessential icon of kitsch, the Pink Flamingo. His bizarre adventure will unexpectedly turn into a creative journey to self-discovery.

Javier Polo shares his passion for films with advertising. His first feature documentary, Europe in 8 Bits, received several prizes and has been screened at major film festivals, including IDFA and the Miami International Film Festival. His short film The Lift has also picked up a few awards and has been aired on French national TV. His last short, Catharsis, has premiered in Berlin InterFilm and featured in Nowness.

Film Review: Rigo Pex, an eccentric sound engineer who dresses exclusively in black, is suddenly disturbed by a strange phenomenon: the pink flamingo. This joyful symbol of mid-century kitsch seems to follow him everywhere. Rigo launches an investigation into this sociocultural phenomenon, with hilarious results. We follow him across the pond to meet a series of disparate characters, on an adventure that will eventually turn into a creative journey of self-discovery. The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo inhabits a world drenched in colour, using bright, harsh pinks and streaks of neon which heavily contrast with the jet-black clothes that Rigo sports. Javier Polo’s docu-comedy blurs the line between fiction and reality by utilising a blend of real interviews and fabricated situations, and by the constant breaking of the fourth wall. The film’s focus on the uniqueness that everyone possesses is emphasised by its constant use of facial close-ups, which allows for an elegant reflection on the icons in our society and how they contribute to our identity. A hilarious meditation on art, kitsch and what makes us all unique. Santiago Tricks


Theo Lionel


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Javier Polo

Executive Producer

Gerard Rodriguez


Gerard Rodriguez


Merli Feixa


Franck Lucas


Javier Polo

Director of Photography

Guillermo Polo


Yago Muñiz

Production Designer

Carla Fuentes