The Last Singer

laurels icon Best Documentary Short Nominee
  • Documentary
  • 7min
  • Documentary Short
  • 2019

Under Saddam Hussein’s regime, the Marsh Arab community in Iraq shrank dramatically, its centuries-old way of life destroyed. Many were forced to flee their homes in the Southern Iraq marshes. The Last Singer documents the life of one stoic man, Abu Haider, who fights to keep a dying tradition alive.

Ivan Olita is an LA based filmmaker and creative director. He studied under Werner Herzog and founded BRAVÒ, a production company which has established a strong and international network of clients, collaborators and strategic partners. Ivan's projects have featured on POV, National Geographic, The Atlantic, Nowness and The New Yorker.




Abu Haider


Ivan Olita

Executive Producer

Ivan Olita


Mohammed Talib

Director of Photography

Ivan Olita


Ivan Olita

Sound Designer

Raphaël Ajuelos