The Hat

  • International Shorts
  • 5min
  • Narrative Short
  • International Premiere
  • 2020

A young man wanders into the middle of a barren field, and just as he’s enjoying the peace of it all, a mystery assailant comes running out of the trees towards him. But some things you can’t outrun.

The Hat is Darren's directorial debut starring Jude Law and Raff Law with music score by Pete Townshend and Rachel Fuller. Sitting on the board of TCA and TCT, Darren has developed this model of filmmaking to all proceeds go to the charity.


Topic Media


Darren Strowger

Executive Producer

Jasper Ford

Executive Producer

Raff Law


Darren Strowger


Johnny Cooke

Director of Photography

Darren Strowger


Mark Whelan

Sound Designer

Chris Southwell

Production Designer