The Eagle's Nest

laurels icon Best Cinematography Nominee
  • Absurdities, Discovery
  • 1h 30m
  • Narrative Feature
  • UK Premiere
  • 2020

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Paris’ dream of leaving Africa for a better life is brutally shattered on the eve of her departure. With nothing to lose, her pursuit of justice swiftly spirals into violence. In a world of deception, can Paris find the answers she is looking for?

Olivier Assoua is a Cameroonian-born British writer, director and editor. He studied Film and Broadcast Production at London Metropolitan University. Since then he has directed and edited two shorts and produced multiple corporate videos. The Eagle’s Nest is his directional debut and first feature film.

Film Review: The Eagle’s Nest is the exciting debut feature by up-and-coming British-Cameroonian director Olivier Assoua. Its plot follows two close friends, both young sex workers based in rural Cameroon. The first, appropriately named Paris, dreams of a better life for herself in Europe. The second, Samantha, wishes to improve her stock in Cameroon. The film is set largely in one village location, allowing the viewer to experience the claustrophobia of Paris and Samantha’s lives and, as we bear witness to frequent acts of patriarchal violence, it is hard not to sympathise with their desire for escape. The characterisation of these two women, aided by the lively performances of Felicity Asseh and Claude S Mbida Nkou, is rich and thoughtful. Assoua carefully establishes their friendship and ruminates on their contradictory notions of identity. A hostile environment pits these personal identities against each other, allowing for stylishly shot scenes of high tension as the plot escalates. Paris and Samatha’s dreams, subsumed by the inescapable inequalities of the global south and the ubiquity of male violence, form the emotional centre of the film. The Eagle’s Nest is an engrossing thriller and a serious examination of the modern politics of emigration. Josh Brown


San-Nzo Ltd.


Olivier Assoua

Executive Producer

Adeline Assoua

Executive Producer

Cindy Larissa Ebong Assoua

Executive Producer

Teddy John

Executive Producer

Guy-Marc Mbialeu


Olivier Assoua

Director of Photography

Arsene Romuald Mvondo

Sound Designer

Olivier Assoua


Andy Payne


Thomm Jutz

Production Designer

Mbiayi Ndeffo Clemence