The Dawn of Art

  • Immersive, VR
  • 10min
  • Immersive
  • UK Premiere
  • 2020

Narrated by Daisy Ridley, The Dawn of Art is a VR experience featuring both an immersive film and a virtual visit of the Chauvet Pont d’Arc cave, which contains some of the best-preserved cave paintings in the world. A trip to the very heart of our origins, when men made their first creative gestures.

Pierre Zandrowicz is a film director who works with technology, theatre, art and film. His immersive film Alteration, co-produced with ARTE France, was a finalist at Tribeca and winner at Raindance, Sitges, and Paris Virtual Film Festival 2017. The Dawn of Art was made in partnership with Google Arts & Culture.


Atlas V

Executive Producer

Arnaud Colinart

Executive Producer

Antoine Cayrol


Fred Volhuer

Director of Photography

Pierre Zandrowicz


Olivier Train

Sound Designer

Antoine Wert

Production Designer

Arthur Maugendre

Production Designer

Anthony Rubier

Production Designer

Timothée Marnat

Production Designer

Raphael Chevalier

Production Designer

Victor Chassaigne

Production Designer

Mélanie Schwartz

Production Designer

Audrey Lesco

Production Designer

Amaury Guilley