• RDFS Student Film Showcase
  • 11min
  • Narrative Short
  • 2020

A persecuted father returns to his hometown from which he has been evicted from, in search of his son. The father, through ingenuity, manages to find a way to set up an encounter with his son by leaving him a gift, that only the son will recognise. The struggle intensifies when the fathers plans are disrupted by the threatening presence of hit men whose aim it is to never have the father return again.

Christian Schifano is a 21 year old film student, studying at the Raindance film school BA course. He was born in the United States to Italian parents. He has directed 5 short films over the course of his studies and predominantly focuses on directing, although he also writes his own work.


Christian Schifano

Executive Producer

Christian Schifano


Francis Chapman

Director of Photography

Audrey Biche


Mark Campbell

Sound Designer

Jurgen Kloihofer

Sound Designer

Felix Sturmberger

Production Designer

Sherry Yohannan