Shoot to Marry

  • Absurdities
  • 1h 14m
  • Documentary Feature
  • European Premiere
  • 2020

This film is available at the following times:

  • Oct 31 @ 4pm + Q&A* (online screening)
  • Nov 2 @ 1pm (online repeat)

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Heartbroken filmmaker Steve Markle finally finds the perfect way to meet women: he’s going to ask them to be in his documentary! Steve films with dozens of intriguing women, intent on finding the love of his life. Shoot To Marry is a real-life romantic comedy.

Steve Markle wrote and directed the critically-acclaimed documentary Camp Hollywood (Sundance Channel) about struggling performers living at a cheap Los Angeles hotel. Steve also starred in the comedy series Testees (FX) and once ran for Mayor of Toronto, pledging to administer parking tickets in origami shapes.

Film Review: "Love is the drug,"" said Roxy Music. This is true for Steve Markle, a middle-aged single American man whose relationships never last long enough. Fresh from a failed marriage proposal, Steve searches both past and potential future lovers for the answers to his troubles. Through dates with a succession of delightful ladies, he discovers more about himself and the reasons for his lovesickness… This low-fi look at modern dating crackles throughout with self-deprecating humour from a man who is aware that his romantic ruptures are both painful and funny. “Real love is not a romantic comedy - it’s a Stephen King novel,” quips Markle, keeping us entertained with his witty narration, throughout a series of liaisons that always begin with such hope and always crash into an obstacle or two. Beneath the comedy, there is both head and heart, a consideration of how time changes relationships, of how we represent ourselves in matters of romance and of what it truly means to know and love another person. The project itself raises the potential of art to act as therapy. But above all, it’s an entertaining watch and even manages a twist which you may not see coming… Pauline Rieux


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With Dir. Steve Markle; Moderator Mickey La Rosa (Oct 31, 17:15pm)

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Steve Markle

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