Raindance Film Club Presents: The Woman with Leopard Shoes

  • Discovery
  • 1h 20m
  • Narrative Feature
  • World Premiere
  • 2020

Raindance Film Club is bringing back the best of Raindance 2020 with a different film every single month. The film will be accompanied by a Q&A with director Alexis Bruchon.

The Woman with Leopard Shoes will be available to view from the 22nd-29th April. The panel discussion and Q&A will take place live at 7pm on the 29th April. You can find the link to the panel discussion at the bottom of this page.

A burglar is hired by a mysterious woman to steal a box from a house. As he is about to leave, the sudden arrival of guests forces him to hide in the study. The situation takes a turn for the worse when he makes a startling discovery…

Alexis Bruchon is a French illustrator and graphic designer based in Clermont-Ferrand. Drawing inspiration from film noir and gothic horror, The Woman With Leopard Shoes is Alexis' directorial debut and first feature film.

Film Review: Hired to steal a box, a burglar suddenly finds himself trapped inside a small room when party guests arrive unexpectedly at the house he is robbing. How will he escape? Who exactly is holding him prisoner? Our protagonist desperately tries to piece together some answers and formulate an escape plan. Is he ever going to make it? With an evocative score and exquisite black-and-white cinematography, Alexis Bruchon’s debut feature The Woman with Leopard Shoes is a modern thriller with a Murnau’s Nosferatu-like quality. This is a story told through smartly created silhouettes and shadows, set to a superb instrumental soundtrack, interspersed with clever sound effects. We never see the other people in the house but we are always reminded of their presence through mid-shots of feet and shadows passing by the door. This sense of restraint, along with the black-and-white cinematography, gives the film a Golden Age Hollywood feel. Nothing is what it seems in this intriguing, suspenseful film. The Woman with Leopard Shoes is a startling achievement. Featuring a protagonist who is mute but never expressionless, this is visual filmmaking at its best - a thrilling and intricate story told in the language of pure cinema. A must see for every film fan and filmmaker alike. Agi Liepniece


Alexis Bruchon



With Alexis Bruchon on 27th April at 7pm (UK time)

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Alexis Bruchon

Executive Producer

Alexis Bruchon


Alexis Bruchon

Director of Photography

Alexis Bruchon

Sound Designer

Alexis Bruchon

Production Designer

Alexis Bruchon


English, French