Raindance Film Club presents: The Dilemma of Desire

  • Female Gaze, Arty
  • 1h 48m
  • Documentary Feature
  • UK Premiere
  • 2020

Raindance Film Club is bringing the best of Raindance with different films every single month. The 8th March is International Women’s Day, and therefore this month Raindance is partnering with 16days16films to bring you four inspiring films exploring issues related to women.

The film will be accompanied by a panel discussion at 7pm on the 25th March with Maria Finitzo (Dilemma of Desire), B Monét (Ballet After Dark), Charlotte Daniel (Eyes Down) & Melissa Elizondo (The Road is a Red Thread).

The Dilemma of Desire follows four women as they find their voices and the courage to own their sexuality. Committed to ‘Cliteracy’ - the understanding that the clitoris is fundamental to the female orgasm - these women are out to shatter the myths surrounding female sexual desire and to change our culture.

Maria Finitzo is a Peabody Award-winning social issue documentary filmmaker. Her work has been screened at numerous international festivals, and recently won her the Alfred I duPont Award. She is a long-time associate of the social issue documentary company Kartemquin Films. Maria is also a screenwriter and fiction film director.

Film Review: Maria Finitzo’s unapologetically "cliterate" documentary draws on a variety of female experiences. Contextualised against the pioneering work of artist Sophia Wallace, it explores themes of subversion and reclamation, with a pointed focus on the introduction of female physicality - in all its complexity - into public awareness. Spearheaded by the works of professors, exotic dancers, sex toy designers and doctors, Finitzo presents a fierce deconstruction of the idea that female pleasure begins and ends with vaginal penetration, following different women pushing against a range of obstacles to achieve the mutual pleasure of bodily understanding and autonomy. Through unpicking the female sexual experience, we are able to further explore how that translates onto the female experience as a whole. Alongside a heavy focus on the celebration of the female body, the documentary confronts the difficult topics of rape and consent, further magnifying the antithesis between how women are expected to consume their sexuality and how it is consumed by society. Ultimately, The Dilemma of Desire demands unapologetically to be heard; it not only tells its audiences, but shows them that the clitoris is worthy of cultural exposure, of scientific research, of societal acceptance, of male consideration - and, perhaps most importantly, of touch. Bryony Chellew


The Film Collaborative



Live on 25/02 at 7pm UK Time, with Maria Finitzo, B Monét, Charlotte Daniel & Melissa Elizondo.

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Maria Finitzo

Executive Producer

Barbara Kopple

Executive Producer

Jolene Pinder

Executive Producer

Gordon Quinn

Executive Producer

Hugh Schulze


Maria Finitzo


Cynthia Kane


Diane Quon

Director of Photography

Hillary Bachelder

Director of Photography

Bing Liu

Director of Photography

Adam Singer

Director of Photography

Keith Walker


Liz Kaar



Bonus Content

20 mins
The Dilemma of Desire

With Dir. Maria Finitzo, Prod. Cynthia Kane, Prod. Diane Quon; Moderator Alexandra Cook