Raindance Film Club Presents Drag Kids

  • Queer, Arty
  • 1h 20m
  • Documentary Feature
  • UK Premiere
  • 2020

Raindance Film Club is bringing back the best of Raindance 2020 with a different film every single month. The film will be accompanied by a Q&A.

Drag Kids will be available to view from the 19-26 August. The panel discussion and Q&A will take place live at 7pm on the 23 August. You can find the link to the panel discussion at the bottom of this page.

This touching documentary chronicles four different drag performers under the age of 12 as they celebrate their shared interest together for the first time. Having faced enormous scrutiny over their brief drag careers, the young stars must now prepare for the biggest performance of their lives at Montreal Pride.

Megan Wennberg is a writer-director of both documentary and fiction. Her work has screened at festivals around the world and has been broadcast on CBC, The Comedy Network and The Documentary Channel. Megan is a screenwriting alumni of the Canadian Film Centre. Drag Kids is her first feature documentary.

Self-expression has its challenges at any age, but especially so when you are a child and still finding yourself. Stephan, Jason, Bracken and Nemis are four children from different parts of the world who have never met. But they have one thing in common: they are all drag queens, and they are all preparing to perform Lady Gaga’s Born This Way at the Montreal Pride Festival. This is an intimate, heart-warming and buoyant documentary. Its four young subjects beautifully anchor the film with a compelling sense of authenticity. Their respective families all show great support for their children. Yet the film does not shy away from the legitimate worries that these parents live with, such as the cruelty of their children’s peers and the prejudice of adults. As drag seems to have entered the mainstream in recent years, it can still be somewhat misunderstood and too often exclusively tied to sexual orientation. Showing how this art form is purely a means of expression and capturing the strength that it takes to perform it, especially as a child, makes for an insightful, joyful watch. Baptiste Charles.


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Q&A with Director Megan Wennberg on Monday 23 August at 7PM (UK time)

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Megan Wennberg

Executive Producer

Edward Peill


Erin Oakes

Director of Photography

Paul McCurdy