Raindance Film Club Presents: Antarctica

  • Generation Z, Absurdities
  • 1h 21m
  • Narrative Feature
  • World Premiere
  • 2020

Raindance Film Club is bringing back the best of Raindance 2020 with a different film every single month. The film will be accompanied by a Q&A.

Antarctica will be available to view from the 22-29 July. The panel discussion and Q&A will take place live at 7pm on the 29 July. You can find the link to the panel discussion at the bottom of this page.

Two teenage friends deal with some very grown-up problems in this fresh and hilarious dramatic comedy. Kat and Janet are two small-town misfits facing the pressures of sex, drugs, gun-crazy janitors, time-travelling boyfriends and (weirdest of all) popularity, as they try to make it through their last year of high school.

Writer-director Keith Bearden’s short films have won awards at Sundance, Montreal and Chicago International. His advertising work for Heineken, Proctor & Gamble and McDonalds has gained him numerous awards, including a Eurobest and a Silver Medal at Cannes. Keith's work is also in the permanent collection at New York's Museum of Modern Art.

Film Review: Small town girls Kat and Janet's friendship is being tested by boy problems, immature parents and an ever-shifting sense of self-esteem in their last year of high school. It's hard not to empathise with this film's protagonists as they each try to find different ways of belonging. Kat’s one night stand turns into an unwanted pregnancy and a visit to the abortion clinic, bringing her face to face with pro-life protesters. Meanwhile, Janet, finding herself without a sidekick for the first time, ends up taking prescription medication. She hallucinates, meets a boy, falls in love, but can't help but wonder - is he real or not? Antarctica is a funny and dark portrayal of a modern American teenager’s reality, with an authentic, touching friendship at its core. Life is what you make it, but - with bullying, gun violence and state legislation regarding reproductive rights - making it might not be all that easy. Chloe Levine and Kimie Muroya shine in their roles as passionate, sensitive and clever young women at the heart of this remarkably honest and moving story about the current state of America and its teenagers. Agi Liepniece





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Keith Bearden

Executive Producer

Zach LeBeau

Executive Producer

Chloë Levine


Peter Ernsky


Kim Jackson


Joseph White


Keith Bearden

Director of Photography

Madeline Kate Kann

Sound Designer

Joe Cantor

Sound Designer

Neil Seidman

Sound Designer

Brion Snyder

Production Designer

Tim Bruno

Production Designer

Alanna Wray McDonald