Pitch Your Poster

  • Independent Film
  • 2h 0m
  • 2020

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Designing a poster for your film can be daunting. How will you sell the story to the audience? Will you manage to hook them?

Think about the key elements - composition, tagline, title treatment, colour palette - and present your work-in-progress project to get feedback from a team of film marketing, film distribution and design experts. Pitchers will have up to 5 minutes to awe the panel and audience!

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Whether pitching or watching, join this LIVE online event to learn more about every film’s key asset!

Panellists: Fatima Hayward, Festival & Operations Manager; Wez Merchant, Founder & Managing Director, Strike Media; Robyn Larkin, Owner & Creative Director, What is Bobo; Amy Basil, Senior Global Marketing & Publicity Exec for Film, TV & Digital

About the Panellists:

Wez Merchant, whose career started in 2002 runs Marketing & Communications agency Strike Media, now in its 11th year. He also created social film app MyFilmClub, the aim of which is to create communities of cinema goers and to aide good mental health through community engagement.

Strike Media runs unit, trade and film and home entertainment release campaigns, as well as consultancy for filmmakers looking for routes market. During lockdown Strike created the home entertainment newsletter to keep media and distributors aligned with details of all releases. Strike also look after personal PR for actors, producers and directors. For more information visit www.strike-media.com

Fatima Hayward, who heads up marketing at the distribution and sales company Blue Finch Films. There she has worked on the release of festival driven titles such as Harmony Korine’s The Beach Bum, the acclaimed She Dies Tomorrow and Sundance selected Ophelia. Prior to this, Fatima worked at London based sales agencies SC Films International and Cinestaan.

Robyn Larkin has worked in the creative design side of the film industry for nearly 25 years in both London and LA. He is Co-founder and Creative Director of design agency Bobo, who specialise in creating theatrical campaign, poster artwork, and marketing for film and television.

He has worked on a host of independent and studio films, with clients including Netflix, 20th Century Fox, MGM, Curzon Artificial Eye, Lionsgate, Protagonist Pictures, Dogwoof, Hanway Films, BBC, and Raindance.

Robyn has worked with several film festivals including The London Indian Film Festival, the UK Jewish Film Festival, and the Terracotta Far East Film Festival, and he has been the brand custodian and Head of Design for the Raindance Film Festival since 2016.  He is a sought after speaker on industry panels, events, and film school courses including Raindance, Met Film School, London Screenwriters Festival, and the NFTS.

Amy Basil is a development producer working in London and New York. She was previously brand manager at MUBI, Head of Marketing and Communications at the The Ink Factory and a partner at ‘Lucky Monkey Pictures’.

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