Painting the Future of Filmmaking Green VOD

  • Independent Film
  • 60min
  • Industry Programme
  • 2020

This is the on-demand recording of the panel, to watch live on the 1st November please click here.

Many elements of the physical world are moving to digital space as a result of the current health crisis. How can we use this opportunity to rethink a greener future for film production?

Creatives and experts discuss how we can use existing technologies and alternative production methods to accelerate the shift towards sustainable and environment-conscious filmmaking.

Speakers: Aaron Matthews, Head of Industry Sustainability, BAFTA; Monty Till, CUT IT

Host: Birgit Heidsiek, Founder of the European Center for Sustainability in the Media World

About the Speakers:

Monty Till:

I have been working in Film & TV for over 10 years having trained in Stage Management at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. I work most often as a Location Manager on HETV Drama in South West England, having started work in Production / Assistant Director departments. Along the way, I have worked as a Stills Producer for US Vogue which involved overseeing a range of crewing, accommodation, travel and locations. I am a member of Cut It ( and we strongly feel that now is our moment to help the industry re-think and work in a greener, cleaner way by engaging with new ways of working and sharing responsibility for change.

I am Co-Director of Eco Shoots Ltd ( - we supply simple solutions for working more sustainably when filming on location. These include emission-free generators, hydrogen lighting masts, reusable flooring, on-set recycling systems and more.

About the Host:

Birgit Heidsiek is the Founder of the European Center for Sustainability in the Media World, which organizes international events on environmentally-friendly film production. Birgit publishes Green Film Shooting Magazine as well as its digital online platform. As the Green Cinema Consultant of the Federal Film Board in Germany, she is the author of The Green Cinema Handbook and is a two-time recipient of the German Sustainability Award.

Event in Partnership with The Nature Conservancy