Our Own

  • Generation Z, Female Gaze
  • 1h 43m
  • Narrative Feature
  • European Premiere
  • 2019

This film is no longer available.

Ste-Adeline’s community has always stuck together but a scandal is about to send shock waves through this quiet little town. At the centre of the storm are Magalie, a teenager, Manuel, foster child of the mayor, and their powerless mothers. Is the town’s carefully maintained social veneer about to crack?

Jeanne Leblanc has directed nearly a dozen short films which have distinguished themselves in festivals both nationally and internationally. In 2017, she directed her first feature film, Isla Blanca, a work in which she explored the complexity of personal relationships. Jeanne continues this exploration in Our Own, her second feature film.

Film Review: Our Own, by Canadian director Jeanne Leblanc, explores the fault lines and power dynamics of a tight-knit Québec community that surface when 13 year-old Magalie falls pregnant. Leblanc is masterful at capturing the claustrophobia of small-town Sainte-Adeline. When we meet Magalie it is from behind, the voyeuristic framing suggesting that her watchful neighbours are always close by. An additional layer of voyeurism comes in the form of an omnipresent social media, which chronicles Magalie’s crumbling reputation in school. Her few stilted moments of freedom are experienced through music. Trap and rap score those rare instances when Magalie feels anything close to teenage freedom. Elsewhere, scenes of her riding her bike with a swollen belly twist the classic filmic motif of teenagers roaming their neighbourhood; escapism is impossible for Magalie. Young actress Émilie Bierre gives a bold and sensitive performance at the centre of the story, managing to convey the largely silent grief Magalie carries for her father’s death. Marianne Farley as Magalie's mother Isabelle also gives a stunning performance. Moments between their two characters reflect a fractured relationship but also an incredible tenderness: these are two mothers whose lives and choices are locked together. Ros Fraser


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With Dir. Jeanne Leblanc; Moderator Mickey La Rosa (Nov 3, 20:45pm)

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Jeanne Leblanc

Executive Producer

Marianne Farley


Marianne Farley

Director of Photography

Tobie Marie Robitaille


Aube Voglia

Sound Designer

Stéphan Roy


Stéphan Roy

Production Designer

Benoit Beaulieu