Non Western

  • Female Gaze
  • 1h 33m
  • Documentary Feature
  • UK Premiere
  • 2020

This film is no longer available. To view the Q&A with filmmakers, please click here.

Non Western follows a Native and Non-Native couple in Montana ahead of their wedding. We see the challenges faced by their interracial family. Through their struggles, we witness an ongoing chain of oppression and see how gender and identity issues affect different generations in Montana.

Laura Plancarte lives and works in London. In 2015 she presented her first feature film Tierra Caliente at FICG 30. Hermanos, her second feature, was acquired by Amazon Prime and won the audience award at SAFF 2018 and an IMPACT Doc Award. Non Western is her third feature documentary.

Film Review: Non Western follows American couple Nanci and Thaddeus in the months approaching their wedding and explores some of the challenges that an interracial marriage can present. Despite contrasting values and identities, we learn that Nanci and Thaddeus were both influenced by adopted cultures. Nanci is a white academic who was adopted as a teenager by the Lakota tribe. Thaddeus is a military veteran from the Northern Cheyenne tribe, who was raised by a white Christian family. Their love story and joint desire to respect Native American traditions is complicated by their opposing views on gender roles, their traumatic pasts and wider political tensions. UK based Mexican filmmaker Laura Plancarte sensitively presents the story of a couple, their families and communities as they struggle with histories of oppression and abuse. Quiet and reflective in tone, the film explores complex American identities and family dynamics, using touchstones of rural life like hunting, cooking, sport and family road trips. Intimate, tender and sometimes tense scenes of family life are balanced by beautiful footage of the Montana landscape - the rivers, mountains and changing seasons, with particular attention to animals. Non Western captures a delicate and complex romance with sympathy and hope. Felicity Martin


LP Films Ltd.


Laura Plancarte

Executive Producer

Iván Trujillo


Laura Plancarte

Director of Photography

Franklin Dow


Vera Simmonds

Sound Designer

Maiken Hansen


Roly Porter

Production Designer

Alison Dominitz