Nafi's Father

  • Discovery
  • 1h 47m
  • Narrative Feature
  • UK Premiere
  • 2019

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A moderate imam in a small town in northern Senegal is fighting his extremely religious and powerful brother about the marriage of their children.

Mamadou Dia is a Senegalese director based in New York, where he completed MFA at Tisch School of the Arts. Shaped his experience working as a video-journalist across the African continent, his stories explore the fine balance between fiction and fact. His short Samedi Cinema (2016) played at Venice and TIFF. Nafi’s Father is his debut feature.

Film Review: Nafi surprises her father Tierno with an announcement that she is to marry the son of Tierno’s older brother Ousmane. Tierno is the acting Imam for the northern city of Matam and a moderate Muslim, while his brother Ousmane has become more enamoured of a fundamentalist form of Islam. Without wishing to place undue pressure upon his beloved daughter, Tierno tries to dissuade her from this marriage. However, when Nafi refuses to give up on her dream of a marriage, Tierno becomes increasingly desperate and his relationship with his brother becomes particularly fractious. Senegal has long been central to African film output and Nafi’s Father, with it’s acute eye for the details and traditions of provincial northern life in Matam, suggests that Mamadou Dia is a talent to follow in the footsteps of Mambéty and Sembéne. With a compelling immediacy to the narrative, the film brings the viewer into the heart of a community in which religion has become a battleground for ideas of how society should be shaped. Both an incredibly intimate portrait of a father’s love for his daughter and a bracing snapshot of larger community conflicts, Dia’s debut is a powerfully dramatic cinematic experience and a richly nuanced portrait of a community divided. Rohan Crickmar


The Festival Agency


With director Mamadou Dia and producer Maba Ba; Moderator Aura Najera (Nov 3, 18:50)

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Mamadou Dia


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Mamadou Dia


Mamadou Dia

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