• Politico
  • 1h 24m
  • Narrative Feature
  • World Premiere
  • 2020

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Kosa is a young boy who lives with his family in the forest heartlands of India. One day, he is picked up by the police. The charge? Kosa’s name is similar to that of a Maoist commander. Will the farcical trial that follows prove his innocence or confirm he’s a criminal?

Mohit Priyadarshi is a young writer-director from India with a deep love for storytelling and cinema. After studying Literature and Film Writing at India’s best universities, he took a plunge into the abyss of independent filmmaking when he came across a story that he simply couldn’t get away from.

Film Review: Kosa, Mohit Priyadarshi’s first feature film, is a brilliantly scathing attack on the oppressive and abusive powers displayed by police and local government towards the tribal communities living in the Indian forests, detailing how this unchecked power can be distorted for tyrannical means. The film centres on schoolboy Kosa, who is arrested and tortured after being mistaken for the leader of the Naxals, a group of Maoist terrorists who operate in the region. A farcical criminal trial ensues while a brutal police force intimidates the local community. The lawyer and the journalist, who should be able to hold the establishment to account, are instead left powerless by their own institutions. It transpires that the police arrests and trials are simply a front to allow government officials to offer the lands to developers, indicating that they are safe from insurgents. Kosa serves as a direct comment on the corruption and abuses of power within these remote tribal regions of India, begging the question: how can these communities be protected from such oppression? However, despite the sombre and at times melancholic tone, Priyadarshi’s film offers hope through a call to the younger generations to resist this tyranny. Jake Burton


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Executive Producer

Vivek Sundara

Executive Producer

Dibyendu Deepak

Director of Photography

Ashok Kumar Meena

Director of Photography

Anantha Krishnan

Sound Designer

Abhijit Chetia

Production Designer

Vikas Saini

Production Designer

Ashish Sahoo