King Krule - Alone, Omen 3

  • Music Video
  • 2min
  • Music Video
  • 2020

Alone, Omen 3 is from King Krule’s elegiac third album and details the bittersweet paradox of shared isolation. A disillusioned Archy Marshall navigates a world set against the grey banks of the Thames. The video explores the complexities of loneliness. What does it mean to be alone, and alone together?

Jocelyn Anquetil is a British artist and filmmaker. Her practice spans across film, VR and immersive installation. Her works traverse dystopian universes and probe questions about the millennial condition and its future. She frequently uses melodrama, taboo, technology and the supernatural to parody the constructs of our own dystopian reality.


The Mill


Jocelyn Anquetil

Executive Producer

Dougal Meese


Adam Farley

Director of Photography

Joel Honeywell


King Krule

Production Designer

Mikey Hollywood