Il Dubbio - Episode 1

  • Immersive, VR
  • 11min
  • Immersive
  • UK Premiere
  • 2020

Have you ever questioned your worth? All great artists have lacked conviction and doubted themselves at times. But what if doubt was the key to their genius? Il Dubbio is a VR interactive experience that examines doubt in the creative process and explores how it shapes ideas into form.

Matteo Lonardi has been documenting contemporary artists for the last twelve years, using photography, video and VR. His work has been featured on The Guardian, BBC, Rai and Aljazeera. His VR films include Reframe Iran (Winner of Best Experience World VR Forum 2016) and Reframe Saudi (2018).


Francesco Lonardi


Matteo Lonardi

Executive Producer

Francesco Lonardi

Sound Designer

J.Luis Lara

Production Designer

Javier Garcial Lajara