I Am Not a Hero

  • Politico
  • 1h 13m
  • Documentary Feature
  • International Premiere
  • 2020

The film and Q&A are available any time from 28 Oct to 7 Nov 2020.

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Belgium, March 2020. Suddenly unemployed in a country in lockdown, young Directors of Photography Pablo Curtzen Diaz and Robin Smit decide to look for the stories behind the numbers and the people behind the masks.

Pablo Crutzen, Robin Smit and Stijn Deconinck, three young Belgian talents, are at the heart of the project. At the peak of the COVID pandemic, Pablo and Robin spent night and day in the Erasmus University Hospital while Stijn is writing a script to shape the story of what the film could be.


Maïs Gaté Prod.



Pablo Crutzen


Robin Smit


Stijn Deconinck

Executive Producer

Joan Condijts


Thomas Bricmont

Director of Photography

Pablo Crutzen

Sound Designer

Thomas Houthave


Raf Keunen

Production Designer

François Verbeeren

Production Designer

Thomas Bricmont

Bonus Content

30 mins
I Am Not a Hero Q&A

Q&A hosted by Raindance Senior Programmer Malaika Bova with Director/Sound Recordist Pablo Crutzen Diaz, Director/Cinematography Robin Smit & Director/Editor Stijn Deconinck.

This Q&A may contain spoilers, we recommend viewing the film first.