• National Youth Film Academy
  • 17min
  • Narrative Short
  • World Premiere
  • 2020

Two boys on a hunting trip, discover a group of girls laying in a riverbed. The girls turn out to be a cult with very dark intentions for anyone who trespasses deeply in the woods. The hunters become the hunted and must face a dark authority originating from a 1920s witch collective.

Junior Day is Writer/Director known for 'The Maybank' (2018), and his writing on ‘Raymond's 5’ (2017). He is directing his second short, 'Wolves Gone Hunting' (2019) which focuses more on the LGBT community and gun nature. In late 2018 he started studying moving image at the University Of Brighton.


National Youth Film Academy



Junior Day

Executive Producer

National Youth Film Academy


Samuel Dadd

Director of Photography

Dec Mahoney


Ben Smith

Sound Designer

Luke Philips

Production Designer

Eleanor Dolan

Production Designer

Talia Kauffman