Graindelavoix: St Anthony's Fire

  • International Shorts
  • 7min
  • Narrative Short
  • International Premiere
  • 2020

The film is a kind of exorcism against a Middle Age disease called St. Anthony’s fire, caused by a hallucinogenic fungus. The theme of hallucination opens a great way for combining different worlds, different times and narratives or aesthetics. It was supposed to be dark and odd, and to carry through the atmosphere of the music.

Director, illustrator, sculptor and designer. Winner of various Polish prominent awards. Appreciated and recognised at international festivals, Sebastian is a graduate of the Sculpture Department at the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts. He directed two animated series; Kórt i Albin and Niezły Kanał. Currently Sebastian mostly enjoys working on his short feature projects and original music videos.


Executive Producer

Ewa Brzózka

Executive Producer

Piotr Sikora

Executive Producer

Karol Żbikowski


Anna Pietkun

Director of Photography

Marek Sanak

Sound Designer

Wojciech Chołaściński

Production Designer

Marcin Płaszczyk