Gets Good Light

laurels icon Best Short Of The Festival Nominee
  • Relative States
  • 16min
  • Narrative Short
  • International Premiere
  • 2019

Gets Good Light depicts rampant corruption in an America where the word “citizen” defines a narrow portion of the population. By day, a luxury apartment building is an open house for the wealthy. By night, it is a refuge for a family targeted by immigration enforcement.

"Alejandra Parody is a New York based film writer-director. Originally from Colombia, she studied Film and TV Writing at New York University, where her film Rosa received a King Prize Award. Her work has been shown at festivals internationally, including the Tribeca Film Festival, NBCUniversal Shorts Festival and The American Pavilion at Cannes. "


Teddy Tracker Entertainment


Alejandra Parody

Executive Producer

Sunny Hostin


Daniel Solé

Director of Photography

Soren Nielsen

Sound Designer

Hunter Berk

Production Designer

Jayne Clark