• Gone Astray
  • 18min
  • Narrative Short
  • UK Premiere
  • 2019

Furlough follows a day in the life of two sisters, 16 and 17, who embark on an adventure tiptoeing the line between freedom and responsibility. What appears to be a dangerous game of living on the edge is really about making the most of the fleeting, precious moments we have here on this earth.

Phoebe Tonkin is an actress, writer and director. Her credits as an actress include The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Secret Circle, Stalker, The Affair, Westworld, Safe Habour and the lead in Bloom. Phoebe was nominated at 19 for an AFI award for best actress in a drama. Furlough is her directorial debut.


Doll House Pictures



Phoebe Tonkin

Executive Producer

Jessica Carrera


Jessica Carrera


Phoebe Tonkin

Director of Photography

Giovanni C. Lorusso


Max Bowens

Sound Designer

Kevin Wilson

Production Designer

Isabella Andronos