End Game: Breaking The Silence

  • Politico
  • 1h 30m
  • Documentary Feature
  • UK Premiere
  • 2020

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An unprecedented investigation conducted in six countries, covering a variety of sports over a period of two years, shows that sexual violence is not limited to isolated incidents, and reveals the abuse of an entire system. This film breaks the silence on one of the biggest taboos in sport today.

Pierre-Emmanuel Luneau-Daurignac is a French journalist and documentary director. He has worked as a news reporter for France 2 and Envoyé Spécial, and has directed documentaries for France 2, Arte and others, with production companies such as Yuzu and Premières Lignes. His focus is now social and public health investigations.

Film Review: Through courageous, honest accounts from a wide spectrum of survivors, End Game: Breaking The Silence examines several sexual abuse scandals which have come to light in the sporting world in recent years. This powerful documentary eschews sensationalism and outrage in favour of a measured, humanistic analysis of how these unbearable crimes became so widespread. From the Catholic Church to the Hollywood system and now the sporting world, various pillars of culture have been exposed as concealing sexual abuse over recent decades. While many people will be familiar with the headlines and perhaps the names of perpetrators, the survivors and the systems that allowed this exploitation are less commonly known. It is here that this film sets its stall, speaking to subjects from different sports and different countries. It doesn’t dwell on the past, rather it employs it as a means of reducing the scope for such atrocities to happen in the future. From a class of children learning about appropriate physical contact to a former professional footballer and sexual abuse survivor coaching youngsters, End Game: Breaking The Silence provides us with examples of how we can build a better world, free of these violations. Pauline Rieux


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