Cover Track

  • Queer Shorts
  • 12min
  • Narrative Short
  • 2020

Cover Track tells the story of Mya, whose world is turned upside-down when a personal photo surfaces online. Ready or not, Mya must now reconcile the identity she has adopted with the one she knows deep down to be true. What does it take to be someone else?

Originally from Northern Ireland, Sam Nutt moved to London after graduating with first-class honours in Television Production from Bournemouth University. Over the years he has worked internationally on a wide range of projects, from prime-time entertainment shows to branded content, music promos, documentaries, feature films and award-winning short films.




Sam Nutt

Executive Producer

Joan Burney Keatings MBE

Director of Photography

Thomas McKeown


Sam Nutt

Sound Designer

Toby Thirling

Production Designer

Carley Magee-Tollerton