Breaking the Barriers of Isolation: Live Performances in Virtual Worlds, A VR Masterclass

  • Immersive Forum
  • 60min
  • 2020

This is the on-demand recording, to view it live on 6th November click here.

Join the pioneering Producer and Creative Director, Louis Cacciuttolo, for a masterclass as he shares his journey crafting virtual worlds and producing live shows inside them. Louis has produced several live shows in VR, most recently Alone Together in collaboration with the living legend, Jean-Michel Jarre, often referred to as the ‘Godfather of Electronic Music’.

Louis and his team will premiere their next show, Flame, at Raindance during 6th and 7th November. It is a live music and dance performance in a custom-made world inside the social platform VRChat, designed by Denis Semionov and performed live by Samantha Alcon and Alejandro Mendia. The show is produced by VRrOOm in collaboration with MID, SoWhen? and Antony Vitillo.

Don’t have a VR headset? No problem. During the Zoom call Louis will share his screen from inside VRChat and broadcast the first show of the performance live.

About Flame Trapped inside an electronic machine, a flamenco dancer and a singer start their journey to a multidimensional universe filled with pulsating energy. Join the artists in a vibrating digital dreamscape of sound and images, and accompany them on their quest to freedom.

About the Speakers

Louis Cacciuttolo

Louis Cacciuttolo is the founder of VRrOOm, an influential online media platform dedicated to XR. In 2018, he launched the VRrOOm XR app, which hosts the XR selections of international festivals.

Louis worked as Vice-President of THX, a George Lucas company specializing in cinema technology. He was the owner of the Théâtre du Minotaure in Béziers from 1999 to 2020. He is also a screenwriter, director, and producer of awarded films including the feature Cendre in 2014, and the animated short interactive VR film The Last Footprint in 2016. He co-produced the AR installation Digitalis, a participative work by artist Pierre Estève, adapted in augmented interactive audio with the immersive sound studio Demute, which premiered at Stereopsia Brussels in 2019.

In March 2020, VRrOOm launched its social XR cultural hub, dedicated to the live streaming and 6DoF broadcasting of artistic performances and live shows on VRChat, working with international artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre.