Beyond Moving

  • Arty, Generation Z, Discovery
  • 1h 23m
  • Documentary Feature
  • European Premiere
  • 2019

This film is no longer available. To view the Q&A with filmmakers, please click here.

Beyond Moving is a documentary about Siphe November, an exceptionally gifted ballet dancer from South Africa. The film follows his journey, from being discovered while dancing in the hard township of Zolani to his intensive training at Canada’s National Ballet School, to eventually stepping into the world of professional ballet.

Vikram Dasgupta was born in India. His docudrama InSANITY got him into the Advanced Film and Television programme at Sheridan, Canada. His short Calcutta Taxi competed for the 2014 Academy Awards after winning the Oscar Qualifier at the Aspen ShortFest. Vikram is currently working on Dog-Ma, a documentary about his mother.


Filmoption International


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Vikram Dasgupta

Executive Producer

John Dalrymple


Vikram Dasgupta

Director of Photography

Diego Guijarro

Director of Photography

Christopher Lew

Director of Photography

Jeff Maher


Geoff Klein

Sound Designer

Michel Lambert

Production Designer

Vikram Dasgupta