Acting for the Environment with a Movie Camera in Hand: In Conversation with Tom Mustill VOD

  • Independent Film
  • 60min
  • Industry Programme
  • 2020

This is the on-demand recording of the panel, to watch live on the 1st November please click here.

Multi award-winning wildlife and science film director Tom Mustill discusses working with he world’s biggest climate advocates and natural world heroes, examines the process of documenting climate activism, and talks about why he chose to use his craft to raise environmental awareness.

His work with David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg, Stephen Fry and conservation and science heroes across the globe have won over 30 international awards, including two Webbys, a Wildscreen Panda, two Jackson Wild Awards and been nominated for a Primetime Emmy. He directed on the blockbuster Inside Nature’s Giants series which won a BAFTA, Royal Television Society and Broadcast award, as well as the ZSL Award for Communicating Zoology.

Making anything from 90 minute specials to 3 minute virals. His short, #NatureNow has been seen over 60 million times.

Hosted by Lucy Siegle

Lucy Siegle is a journalist and broadcaster and opinion leader who specialises in climate and nature stories. As a reporter and presenter on BBC1’s The One Show, she has been reporting on the problem of single use plastic and wider eco issues since the show began in 2007. Her book, Turning the Tide on Plastic: How Humanity (and you) Can Make Our Globe Clean Again was published in 2018.

Also known as an authority on the environmental and social footprint of the global fashion industry, her book To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing out the World , published by Fourth Estate London, 2011 was also the basis for hit Netflix documentary, The True Cost, (she is co-executive producer). 

Lucy has recently chaired sessions for the UN’s Ocean Dialogues, a major launch for the United Nations Development Programme , and a webinar series for ocean clean up charity Healthy Seas. She works with the singer, producer and activist Ellie Goulding on climate advocacy. She has interviewed many a natural world hero, most recently Sir David Attenborough for her weekly podcast on telling climate stories, So Hot Right Now, produced by Sony Music that she co-hosts with Tom Mustill. 

Event in partnership with The Nature Conservancy